Silence is there all the time,
the noises come and go and
some can be very insistent indeed,
but when the noises stop we discover
the silence has been there all the time.
It’s often not easy to tune in,
we are used to the sound of noise,
and though it may seem the poor relation,
the sound of silence is a rich and fertile thing.
It is not as empty as we may fear,
but full of the one who made it.
In silence we find the Presence and discover that
the Presence has been with us all the time,
warm and strong and welcoming.
The silence continues to continue,
and the noise cannot overcome it.
The clattering of crucifixion did its worst,
yet in the silent dawn there was resurrection.
Silence is the canvas on which
we daub our songs and questions and chatter.
It is the ever-present moment
holding all things together.

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