One Life

This deeply moving film tells the true story of Nicholas Winton, who with his mother and others, set up the kinder train in 1939 to rescue refugee children as the Nazis began to invade Czechoslovakia. When Nicholas visited Prague in December 1938 he met families who had lost everything and were living in a desperate situation in the city. Many of them were Jewish, and fearing for their lives. And so he decided he must do something.

When Nicholas proposed a plan to enlist ordinary folk to help rescue and foster hundreds of refugee children from Prague, his friend Doreen said, ‘You have a lot of faith in ordinary people,’ to which Nicholas replied, ‘I do, because I’m an ordinary person.’ And then others round the table in that conversation joined in, ‘I’m an ordinary person too.’

In the film The Hobbit, Gandalf tells Galadriel that he has found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay, simple acts of kindness and love. The Hobbit of course is fiction, but One Life is true, and Nicholas was a humble man who did what he could to help. With dedication and a lot of hard work he and others rescued 669 children, an extraordinary achievement, and today, as a result so many families are alive.

We are all ordinary, and yet we are all unique. And we all wish the world were a better place.

Never underestimate what we can do to make a difference, even to one person, a smile can change someone’s day, a kind word can mean everything.

Activist Shane Claiborne has a saying which I love, it’s this: ‘Get ready because God is preparing you for something very, very small… because small things change the world.’

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