The Fellowship and Travelling Together

We’re now in the movie awards season and it’s twenty years since the third Lord of the Rings film – The Return of the King – won eleven Oscars, including the one for best picture. The first film in the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, ends with Frodo climbing into his boat to take the ring to Mount Doom to destroy its evil power forever. As he sets off we hear a shout in the trees and Samwise Gamgee appears. Frodo tell his friend to go back, because he’s going to take the ring alone. ‘Of course you are,’ says Sam, ‘and I’m coming with you.’ It’s a line I’ve always liked. How can Frodo go alone if Sam is with him? But this isn’t a mission for one person, they need each other. As we need each other. This life is a journey that was not meant to be a solo flight. The Bible is full of people travelling together. In the first chapter of her book, Ruth makes the most incredible promise to stick with Naomi through thick and thin. No matter how thick and thin it is. When Naomi tells her daughter-in-law that she is going back to Bethlehem alone, it’s almost as if Ruth is saying, ‘Yes you are, and I’m coming with you.’
In Joshua 1 verse 9, God promises Joshua that he will with him wherever he goes. In Isaiah 43 verse 2 God promises to be with us when we go through difficulty. In John chapter 14 verse 18 Jesus promised that he would never leave us. Often the way we know this is through others who are his hands and feet and smile for us. How we need each other. And how we need to be gentle and understanding with each other. This journey is not a solo flight. We are the body of Jesus, here to help each other as we make our way through this world.

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