Praying | Seeking

Lord you already know our needs,
Our wants, and our longings and fears,
But you want to hear us express them
In our own words and our own ways.
Thank you that you are intensely interested in us,
Thank you for caring.
Help us to find the words to express
What is going on,
In our world and in our lives,
In Jesus name,

Lord, I so often seek your answers,
Your provision, your purposes,
Your explanation,
Instead of your presence.
I so often want your help,
Your guidance and your strength,
Your resources,
Instead of your presence.
It’s good of course to seek these things,
But to wait for your presence,
To tune in to you here with me,
That is the source of all these other things.
To keep company with you,
To be still and to know and be known,
And find comfort and strength.

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