Blessed are the shy and nervous, those low in confidence and self-esteem,
for they know their need of God, and he is with them.
Blessed are you when you feel out of your depth, 
may you call out for help, and in your very calling find strength and resources.
Blessed are you when you struggle to do the right things,
but still long to do them, for your very longing 
makes space for God… in the untidy gaps of your life.
Blessed are you in your muddling and questioning,
in your wishing life was better, and a little easier,
blessed are you when you don’t understand what’s going on,
for God does understand, and he’s on your side.
Blessed are you when others pile pressure and trouble on you,
Jesus knew about that when he carried the pains of this world.
Blessed are you when things haven’t gone as you hoped,
may you know Jesus beside you, helping you take one more step.

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