There is a significant moment in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones is trying to get hold of the Ark of the Covenant, but is unable to because his enemies have taken possession of it. So he ambushes them with a rocket launcher and aims it at the Ark, and threatens to destroy it. But Belloq, the chief bad guy calls his bluff, points at the Ark and says, ‘Indiana, we are simply passing through history. This – this is history.’ It’s a memorable line and it makes me think about the Bible, because the Bible is a highly unusual book of course. All of what we read in it is set in the past but it affects the present and the future. Daniel in the Old Testament and John in the New saw visions about what was coming in the future, when Jesus left his disciples 2000 years ago he promised them that he would always be with them, and in doing so he promised us that he would always be with us. Right now. And all of what Paul writes to the local churches of his day back then, applies to the local churches of our day. Now. So this Good Book, this Bible, is treasure from the past which is vital to our present and significant for our future. You and I we’re passing through history, but this Living Word of God, this is history, and so much more, this is about the future, as well as being full of good news, guidance and reassurance for us, for this present moment. For all of history. Right here, right now.

For the word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires. Hebrews 4 v 12

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