As Jesus prayed for God to be glorified in him,
his face set on the troubled road ahead, 
so the sky responded, rattled and rumbled 
with the message from his father.
‘I am glorified in you and will continue to be so.’
And some said it was thunder,
nothing but the unsettled groaning of the weather.
Help us to hear you Lord,
to tune in to the sound of your voice,
to hear that still small sound,
when you speak in the ordinary,
in the rush and bustle and lull of life, 
in the everyday murmur of the moments.
Some say it thundered,
but we long to hear your voice,
to glorify your name and know you close.
Please inspire our wills and imaginations,
set our hearts and minds in tune with you today.
John 12 v 28-29

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