I wish I was a hero, a stronger person,
calmer, wiser, more able,
knowing what to say in every situation,
knowing what to do in every crisis or challenge.
I wish I was more spiritual,
better at praying and worshipping,
and sharing you with those I know.
Thank you that you understand these things,
you know my foibles and my fears,
my strengths and weaknesses,
my desires and longings and preferences.
I offer them all to you,
this is all I have, this is all I am,
save me from trying to be someone else,
someone I am not.
Surprise me please with your endless ability,
your ways of flowing through me to this world around.
I cannot do this alone.
But thank you that you are with me.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “for you are deeply loved by God.
Be at peace; take heart and be strong!”
Daniel 10 v 19

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