There’s a creature in the seas like a giant oil slick,
and a grumpy prophet who feels a little sick,
he’s stormy inside with an angry swell, he’s come to know his God too well.
At the first opportunity Jonah knows, his God will forgive the people he loathes,
he does not realise just yet, no matter how far he tries to get
the silent creature under the sea will swallow him whole, and swiftly
transport him to the land he hates, deposit him at the enemy’s gates.
And though his seething prejudice, lies barely beneath the surface,
he’ll be the vehicle and the voice to offer those he hates a choice,
which will forever change the place, Nineveh will be a tale of grace.
The punchline won’t be death and graves, the Ninevites will find God saves,
and Jonah will, in spite of his frown, take time to write the whole thing down,
admit his bias and his running away, that we might learn from that today.

Jonah 1-4 “I knew you were a gracious and compassionate God, slow to get angry and full of compassionate love!”

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