Paddington in Peru & Muddling Through

The third Paddington film is due out in November this year, but you can watch the new trailer for it on YouTube and in it we find Paddington in a photo booth, attempting to get a passport picture. However, as you might guess nothing goes straightforwardly and the hapless bear ends up with his face squished against the screen, and his head at odd angles, as the chair swivels and twists and turns beneath his backside. The thing I love about Paddington though is that he always bounces back. Life will continue to be full of embarrassing moments  for him but he dusts himself off and smiles once more. I can relate to some of that. Once, when I was about to lead a church service, I nipped to the loo just before the start, only to pull the flush chain and drop it down into the toilet bowl. Two minutes before the service began I had my hand down the loo trying to fish it out. That’s life eh. I love the way that the Bible does not cover up the embarrassing moments, the friends of Jesus frequently get it wrong, they make mistakes and often look a bit daft.  But what we find is that they often learn as they make their mistakes. Following Jesus is not about being cool or perfect. Just this morning I read again verse 3 from Isaiah 42, which brings us this wonderful news. God will not break off a bent reed or put out a flickering lamp. You and I will no doubt continue to bumble along in life, no doubt wishing we were stronger and more sorted, but God understands and he promises that he will be there and willing to help us at each twist and turn.

Isaiah 42

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