The Best Party

When Jesus told his parable of the feast in Matthew 22, one of the humorous and surprising facets was the excuses folk gave for staying away. No one would ever pay good money for a field or an animal, and then AFTER shelling out go to inspect it. These were daft excuses, and intended to make folk laugh and think…

A king threw the best party ever and invited everyone. There was going to be the best food and entertainment, and more laughter and enjoyment than anyone had experienced in a long time. The invitations went out and expectation was high. But then, one by one, the replies came in and they were surprising.
Some people said, ‘I’d really love to come but I’ve planned to cut my toe nails that day.’ Others said, ‘I’ve just invented a chocolate tea pot and want to see how well it works.’ While some said, ‘I’m too busy staring at the screen on my phone, I’d hate to miss a ‘like’ on my Facebook page.’ And most surprisingly of all, others said, ‘It’s the Eurovision song contest and I have to stay in to see if the UK get any points.’
And so the king had a think and while he though there was a knock on the door. It was someone who had lost all their income and couldn’t afford a chocolate tea pot, or a phone, or a pair of nail cutters, or a TV to watch the UK come last in the Eurovision song contest. But they did have time, time to come to the king’s party and so the king threw his arms open wide and welcome them in. And that gave him an idea, so he pit on ordinary clothes, and went out to see who was around, and he found lots of people who needed food and drink, so he invited them along, and before you know it, the party was jam-packed. Then one of the neighbours came round, and they were covered in melting chocolate and spilt tea. The neighbour said, ‘Can you keep the noise down, I can’t concentrate on staring at my phone.’ But the king said, ‘I’ve got a better idea, why not leave your phone with me and come and join in.’ But that seemed such a strange idea that the neighbour had to go home and think about it for a long time. 

Matthew 22 v 1-10 

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