Danny Garret 1: Last of the Superheroes (Paperback & Kindle)

Danny Garret is an ordinary boy with a very ordinary life, then one day, to his horror, his father enlists him in the local cathedral choir. Things couldn’t be worse. All the boys and girls in the choir wear weird clothes and have blank, pious faces. The cathedral staff are all old, severe and dusty; no one ever smiles and chewing gum is banned. Life begins to look very bleak for Danny, very bleak indeed. His life has moved from being happily ordinary to being sadly grey and dull. But after his third rehearsal Danny receives a shock and gradually Danny discovers the truth. The choir is not a choir at all, but a clever front for the Nimrod Academy of Action Heroes, where all the children are offspring of famous heroes and the dusty, old tutors turn out to be hardened instructors in disguise. Danny quickly befriends some of the other students, Felicity Gordon, Minnie Dundee, Karl Kent, Lucy Skywalker and Jake Bond, who prefers his milk shaken – not stirred. Before long Danny finds himself fighting for his life on an adventure to retrieve an ancient Khmer artefact from the age-old temples of Angkor, hidden deep in the jungles of Cambodia.

‘As the first of the Danny Garret books I was intrigued to find out who Danny was. It was an amazing read and I found it really hard to put down once I’d started and found myself reading it several times over. As soon as I’d finished this book I immediately went onto the sequel to find out more about Danny and his friends. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will read again in no time I’m sure..’ Ruth

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