More Songs of Faith and Feeling

A second collection of biblical Psalms retold and reimagined, with space for your own reactions, comments, thoughts and prayers.

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An extract from the book

Psalm 4
I call out to you,
We call out to you,
Please answer us, let us know that you hear our prayers,
Our faith falters and comes and goes,
It rises and falls like the tide,
Have mercy on us, let us sense the warmth of your smile,
We wrestle down here with worry and anger and distress,
Let your peace grip our hearts.
Let your perspective change our thinking.
Do not worry, you have said,
But we do worry, and only with you can we let go
Of our fears and constant wrestling.
You are the real source of joy and peace,
Enable us to tap into that,
And show us a better way to live,
A better way to be.

Psalm 5
Nudge me Lord,
Remind me to bring my troubles to you each morning,
When the day is fresh and the light is new,
Let me know I can talk to you about the day ahead.
Your love has opened a door,
The way to heaven and your home is wide open now.
We can approach you without fear,
And be honest with ourselves and with you.
Grace is the oxygen that lets us breathe in your presence,
And you are pleased to see us.
Your presence is a refuge for us,
A place to hide,
And your name fills us with good things,
Truth and reality and kindness are stored in your heart,
And you share these things with us.
Create a new song within us,
Write it on our hearts and minds,
And protect us from the harsh missiles in this life.

Psalm 9
I will thank you my Lord for the good things in life,
Even though there are many depressing and dark things,
Show me the good things, remind me please Lord,
Put that song of praise in my heart,
Let it fill my being, especially when the walls close in.
You see the darkness in this world,
You know of the oppression and corruption,
Reach down and change things,
And help us to know how we can be a part of that plan.
Lord we are merely human, help us to remember that,
And to know that you are intensely interested in us.
Remind us that the one who made the stars,
Also made us and understands us.

Psalm 10
Lord we see the damage done in this world,
The wickedness that pours from hearts and mouths.
Do something! Please!
Let justice be done, let evil be crushed.
You hear the cries of those who are injured and oppressed,
If anyone understands their longings then it is you.
Quicken our hearts and empower our wills!
So that we may be part of the answer.
Change things for the better please!
We long for the power of tyrants and bullies to be broken,
We long for the online sniping and critical spirits
To be washed in the river of your healing kindness.
Show us a better way,
Deliver us from evil and the shadows of hatred,
Renew faith in our time, renew respect for you and each other,
Help us to know that we can do so much more,
When we honour and trust in you,
Lead us to the river of honesty and courage,
And let justice reign once more.

Psalm 11
We may run to so many things to fill the gaps,
We may turn to empty solutions to satisfy us,
But you are the one who can replenish our souls,
You are the one who can quench the thirst we have.
Save us from looking to the wrong things,
Save us from believing the hype and the advertising,
In you there is calm and order,
In you there is meaning and purpose.
You are the fortress built on rock,
You are the shade that can protect us from the burning sky.
Save us, save our land, renew our minds, and adjust our vision.

Buy at Amazon (£6.00)