The Groovy Gospel

An easy, entertaining way to read the Bible stories about Jesus. The Groovy Gospel is jammed full of quirky questions and cracking comments. Reading about the life of Jesus has never been so much fun.

‘I think the Groovy Gospel is great because it has quizzes. I like 2 of the answers best so far – they are “Casper the Friendly Ghost” and “Martha supported Arsenal”. I think the Groovy Gospel is the best Bible ever made.’
Daniel, aged 7

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An extract from the book

Most people think that Jesus was born in a stable in  
Bethlehem, because there was no room at any of the  
inns or hotels. But it’s probably not true. The word in  
the story for ‘inn’ also means ‘spare room’. And Joseph  
probably had relatives in Bethlehem who would have  
let them stay. Plus he was descended from a famous  
king – King David – so people would have heard about  
him. There was no spare room for Mary and Joseph so  
she had the baby in the bit where the animals were  
Rich people might have had big barns or stables for  
their animals but not average people. Where do you  
think they kept their animals?  
1. In the bathtub  
2. In the kitchen  
3. In the downstairs loo  
4. In the bedroom  
Answer: 4  
Normal houses had two rooms – one was a family  
room, used for both living and sleeping for the family.  
The other was used for a guest bedroom.  
The animals would have been kept at one end of the  
main family room, where the ground sloped down and  
there were holes cut in the floor. What do you think  
they were used for?  
1. Weeing in  
2. Holding soup  
3. Storing hot porridge  
4. Hay for the animals  
Answer: 4  
These feeding bowls were called mangers and Jesus  
was placed in one of these when he was born. So  
although it wasn’t a stable as the Christmas cards often  
show, it was a room with animals and straw and cow  
It didn’t smell great!  
Who came to visit the baby while he was there?  
1. Shadrack Meshack and Abednego  
2. Sheryl Cole  
3. Shepherds  
4. Kings  
Answer: 3

Buy at Amazon (£6.99)