Can’t Stop the Worship

I read something just last night in Philip Yancey’s book Rumours of Another World which set my grey cells buzzing. He happened to mention that people can’t help but worship. It’s one of those things we are wired up for. Like laughing and eating. It’s kind of in our DNA. It’s not necessarily a religious thing. Worship is a part of being human. There are plenty of things to be devoted to, a whole fistful things which can call on our heart, mind, will and strength. It’s only natural. Philip Yancey goes on to tell of a huge cardboard butterfly, decorated so beautifully that male butterflies turn up and try and mount it repeatedly. Meanwhile the real butterfly flaps her wings in frustration, overlooked nearby.

Addiction is a sure sign of our need to worship. Hang around something long enough – shopping, chocolate, coffee, booze, writing blogs (!), playing tiddlywinks, fame, adrenalin, car-crash TV, watching Strictly Paint Drying – and some of us can end up giving more and more of ourselves to it. Our mind, will, strength and heart. In other words, worship. It’s not difficult to become devoted to things really, which seems to me a strong indicator that we were designed to do that. To not be able to make it through the day without a fix of something. Without plugging our being into another source, a life-transforming experience.

The writers of the Bible describe that ‘something’ as a caring creator, a good father, a devoted lover. A humble God, waiting in the wings like the female butterfly, seeing if we’ll spot the cardboard imitations.

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