At the Watercooler

When Chris Evans presented the Radio 1 breakfast show back in the dying days of the last century he used to aim for six watercooler moments on each show. A ‘watercooler moment’ was something said or done that people would talk about at work that day by the watercooler or in their coffee break. Something memorable, something outrageous, something so interesting people would want to pass it on.

Jesus provided people with loads of watercooler moments. His stories, actions, conversations and meals were far from ordinary. You can bet that people wouldn’t stop talking about them. That’s how they made it into the Bible. The stories were repeated again and again and again. When Jesus met a brokenhearted woman at a well (a first¬†century¬†watercooler) the meeting was so outrageous and extraordinary it prompted the whole village to come looking. The woman had an embarrassing past, yet after meeting Jesus she is suddenly no longer embarrassed about it. ‘Come meet the guy who knows about all those things I did!’ she yells happily. They’d be talking about that one for a long time. And the watercooler, once a place of loneliness and sadness for this woman, (she went alone in the heat to avoid having to face all the other woman) would always remind her of Jesus and the day her life turned a corner. (John chapter 4)

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