One Day

One day I went to God and asked him, ‘Why do I have to pretend? Why has organised church become this tidy place of nice, neat cliche’s? The catch-phrase faith and organised spontaneity. Why do I feel this need to play along? Where is the genuine laughter, where are the integral moments of life? Where are the slapstick happenings, the blundering, the senior moments, the railing at the sky? Why is so much of reality reduced to lyrics in a song? A tidily framed image of God and people, airbrushed and contained in neat borders. Where is the unintentional and  the unexpected? Where are the moments when you are allowed to say boo!’

And he didn’t say anything. So I felt frustrated.

And then I opened my Bible. And I came across chaos. People not playing by the rules, people who would not fit into the average church. And I found them all rubbing shoulders with  a God who was forever doing the unexpected. And I found a Jesus telling jokes and breaking the religious rules. And I liked what I found and I smiled. I felt relief and hope.

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