Bucking the Trend

There’s a moment in John’s blog about the resurrection that set me thinking this Easter Sunday morning. John and Peter run like Ussain Bolt to the tomb of Jesus when they get the news that the body’s gone missing. Grave robbers? Government conspiracy? Who knows? They have to find out. John is younger and faster and makes the tomb first, but he’s also more cautious, it’s Peter who shoulders him aside and blunders in.

There’s no body. It’s true. The brutalised corpse of their teacher and best mate is missing. What now? A couple of days before they were running away from Jesus, now that they’ve run back to him he’s gone. And here’s the moment. John, in his own blog (post 20 verses 8), admits that he started to believe at that moment. Others were talking of theft and conspiracy and other theories. But John got the picture. And when I read that it  reminded me of all those times when I thought something but didn’t say it at the time for fear of going against the crowd. Bucking the trend. I’m afraid I’m a coward and do it a lot. And here’s John, writing his blog and finally able to get down what was really going on – he saw the clues and pieced together the mystery. Bingo! Jesus had got up and walked out of that tomb.

So if you’ve ever had those moments where you think something but don’t say it because everyone else is claiming other things, this resurrection moment is for you.  It’s certainly for me.

Happy Easter.

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