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Dumb Ways to Die is a song which seems kind of extreme, but follow it through to the end and you discover it is actually communicating something helpful about life.

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You could say the Bible features a good number of stories about Dumb Ways to Die. A rich guy stores up all his money and won’t share it with anyone, and as a result drops dead, destroyed  by his own greed. A bunch of tenants refuse to give up the land they are renting when when the owner asks for it back. The thing turns into a bitter feud and the selfish tenants get mown down in the brutal outcome. A group of locals get invited to a wedding feast. They insult the bridegroom by coming up with the lamest excuses in the world, so obviously fabricated that it’s clearly an attempt to embarrass the groom and derail the wedding. As a result hitmen come knocking on their doors with little gifts of retribution.  All extreme stories told by Jesus to wake people up, make them think on things that matter. These are not nice ‘christian’ stories by any means. They look more like scenes from the latest Tarantino or Guy Richie movie.

I was shown Dumb Ways to Die by a friend Daniel and I showed it to my daughter, who then showed it to her mother. So far fifty three million people have been doing the same thing. Watching it and telling others. That’s how stories get passed on. And the same thing happened with the stories Jesus told. They were funny, shocking, sometimes offensive to those in power. But they were memorable because of this, and people told them again and again. They went ‘viral’. And like Dumb Ways to Die they carry the seeds of life.

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