Friday Film – August: Osage County

In the movie August: Osage County the Weston family gather for the funeral of the father Bev. The Waltons this is not. The Westons are a dysfunctional bunch who snipe and ridicule one another at the drop of a sneering insult. Over the course of a few days all kinds of secrets and lies seep out.

The Westons may seem an unhappy bunch but the Bible is chocka with dysfunctional families – Cain killed his brother Abel; Jacob cheated his brother Esau; Jacob’s boys sold annoying brother Joe into slavery; Samuel’s sons were corrupt and took bribes; Amnon raped his half-sister Tamar; Absalom killed his half-brother Amnon and rebelled against his dad David; and Jesus’ own family tried to stop his work.

Life often doesn’t go as we would like, regrettable and difficult things can happen. Families often don’t turn out as expected. (It’s sad that many youngsters from Christian families have lost interest in church.) But many of the stories in the Bible reflect the way believers struggle along and live tarnished lives. And war, tragedy, heartache, disappointment and dysfunctional families are often the setting for those who battle and struggle to follow God.

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