Film Friday: About Time

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In which Tim discovers that the men in his family have an extraordinary gift. I put the clip first today as I’d rather you hear it from Bill Nighy than read it here. So if you haven’t watched the clip yet, please do.
I don’t think St Paul included this gift in his list in 1 Corinthians 12. It wasn’t there last time I checked. Tim starts using it to revisit the times he messed up, so he can replay them and this time get it a little bit right.

The great news about the death of Jesus is that it creates another kind of way of travelling back to those places we’d like to revisit. If you’re anything like me you may often be haunted by the memories of those embarrassing things you said and did. Many of which don’t matter, they’re just hot-cheeked, toe-curling memories. But some things we do damage ourselves and others, and the presence of Jesus, and his extraordinary work of redemption, in our lives means we can at least revisit some of the hard places and find forgiveness and a new perspective.

It may not solve all the fallout from such happenings – but we can find a way forward with the man-God who experienced life as we know it.

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