Film Friday: Alan Partridge – Alpha Papa

Why are Christmas cracker jokes so bad?

Because cheesy jokes unite people in their groaning.

No it’s not a joke, it’s apparently fact. The problem with good jokes, good comedy, is that it divides people, some people find it funny some people don’t. So with Alan Partridge. Some people get him, some don’t. I’ve been a fan since the early 90s. Nowadays, while I find his blundering entertaining, I also fear I’m turning into him. This movie isn’t the best thing I’ve seen him in but it certainly has its laugh out loud moments. IF you like this sort of thing.

The Idiot figure is not new to comedy. Humorous history is littered with the likes of Mr Bean, Frank Spencer, Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp,  the Marx Brothers, the Keystone Cops, Laurel and Hardy. And the Bible too features plenty of fools. There’s a rich one in Luke 12. A couple of foolish women in proverbs 5 & 7, and foolish builders who build their houses on soft, squelchy, soggy stuff in Matthew 7.  But there’s another kind of foolish too. The foolishness of God which upends the wisdom of this world, described in 1 Corinthians 1. A divine foolishness which confounds vain intellectualism. And the astonishing folly of a God who humbles himself, making himself the fool on the hill, so that anyone, clever or not, can find a new way forward.

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