Film Friday: A Long Way Down

Maureen, Martin, Jess and JJ meet on the top of a tall building. They have all gone up there with one purpose – to get off it the quick way. By jumping. They each have their own reasons for wanting to end life. But having met each other they make a pact to stay alive for a while. A strange community of folks on the very edge of life rediscover a purpose for living.

Job and Elijah both reached points so low that they wished things would end. (Job 3 v 3 & 1 Kings 19 v 4) But Judas is the famous Biblical character who, full of remorse, ended his own life. After Peter abandoned Jesus he too was full of regret, but Jesus took him for a walk along a memory littered beach and offered him a way back. I’m sure he would have done the same with Judas. Life can sometimes look terribly bleak, we can feel as if we live constantly in the shadow of those mountainous regrets. But with God many have found a new way forward out of the darkness.

Certainly Peter and his mates did. Job and Elijah too. In some ways you could say God is like a SatNav, constantly redirecting us back towards light, hope and life. His subtle voice calling to us through events, conversations, the Bible, the world and the kindness of others. Jesus told his friends he was life and direction and purpose. Millions have been finding out what that means ever since.

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  1. Andy Stickland says:

    Yes the pressures of life driving many to ending it all. In Greece although now slowly recovering still many have so little to live on with suicides up 40% as folks struggle with feelings of shame and guilt. Yes indeed Dave an encounter with Jesus(often through us his people)can bring light.

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