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50 Biblical Movie Pitches in 50 Words

50b. 300. Outnumbered. Ridiculous odds. The 300 stand in the light of the moon. Gideon’s men. 32.000 set out but only 300 will stand against the tyrant of Midian. An entire army scattered by Gideon’s insignificant crowd. Seems madness. Divine madness. The smallest man hand in hand with the greatest God. Judges 6 &7

50a. There’s Something About Mary. Still in development but coming soon. The feelgood ending to feelgood-end them all. When everything seems lost, and the end’s nigh, a new day dawns. A world turns upside-down, a single man overshadows the universe. And one woman witnesses the change. She’ll begin the domino effect. John 20 vv 11-18, Rev 21 vv 3-4

49. Love Actually. Featuring a cast of well-known faces – patience, kindness, humility, modesty, respect, integrity, compassion. The kind of story that will last forever. Not so much a romantic comedy – more of an enduring legacy. First in a trilogy – Hope and Faith Actually are the sequels. But this one’s the best. 1 Corinthians 13 vv 1-13

48. The Peacemaker. Some stories bristle with explosions and action, crackle with tension and romance, suck you to the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. But others are profound in their lack of movement. They stop you in your tracks. Quieten things and offer meaning in the ordinary. Psalm 46 v 10, Psalm 20 v 7

47. Waterworld. An aquatic, tidal wave of a story. A world of water, but no drowning. Instead life – everywhere. The dead waking, the land reviving. Cut to a well, a woman fetching water. A man waiting, left with no bucket. He begs for a drink. They talk. He offers resurrection water. Ezekiel 47 vv 6-10, John 4 vv 7-10

46. Origins. In the beginning there was a craftsman, poring over plans and sketches on his celestial desk. Cut to an awakening of a life, designed, valued, appreciated. Purposed by understanding hands. Complex beings now roam the planet. Searching for the meaning. On a mission to reconnect with the original source. psalm 139 vv 13-16

45. Chariots of Fire. A whirlwind on the horizon. Heaven splits and a blazing vehicle scorches to earth scooping up a man at the end of his days. Centuries later – another man at the end of his earthly days. No chariot but the same extraordinary leaving. Passing on his mission. 2 Kings 2 v 11, Acts 1 vv 8-9

44. The Sound of Music. A city held in the iron grip of Roman menace. A brutal governor and his thugs ride in. Trumpets sound and their music has a hollow ring. And on the other side of town a different anthem sounds. Another governor rides a donkey… and people sing.  Psalm 122, Matthew 21 vv 8-11

43. A Life Less Ordinary. One man, looking like all the others. Humble background. Calloused hands, sweat on his brow, dirt under his nails. He sits on a hillside and the people come. He opens his mouth and turns the world upside-down. The educated are amazed, the marginalised smile, history shifts. John 1 v 14, Matthew 5 vv 3-10, Isaiah Philippians 2

42. Prisoners. Two men come out of the desert. A shepherd and a builder. One’s been there forty days, the other forty years. Both have been shaped by struggle and their wilderness experience. Both will never be the same. One’s reluctant, the other is not. Both have come to free prisoners Exodus 3 vv 7-10, Matthew 4

41. The Spies Who Loved Me. Most men drop by, pay her for her body and leave. But not these two. They need her. Her mind, her inventive nature, her practical help. And in the morning they stick by their word. They don’t just cut and run. They save her life. Joshua 2 vv 1-14

40. Heroes. An epic in the style of Gladiator. Warriors returning from battle. The winners showered with flowers and perfume, the losers spattered with dung and rotting food. But wait… this procession is different, the scene’s wrong. The losers are showered with good things. The winner has made heroes of them. 2 Corinthians 2 v 14

39. The Boy of Eli. A woman with a broken heart. A husband who doesn’t understand.  A prayer of anguish. A priest who doesn’t understand. A whispered conversation and a blessing given. What the priest doesn’t know is that the boy he just blessed will actually become a blessing to him. 1 Samuel 1

38. The Social Network. A tale of technological advancement. Of taboos smashed and frontiers crossed. The new sect that embraced the new technology – ‘the paperback’ – for their sacred writings. Easy to copy, pass on, carry and hide. Workman’s notebooks, parchments cut up and stitched into books. Living words passed on. 2 Timothy 4 v 13

37. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… No cleaning up just yet. The man with the name above names just came into town, but he won’t be taking out the bad guys. Not yet. For now the wheat and weeds grow alongside each other. And we must weave our way. Matthew 13 vv 24-30

36. The Wisest Woman in the World… Who lives in a house like this? Fine wines, gourmet food, open door policy. She won’t win any prizes for subtlety, but she’ll win everything for wisdom. Brain the size of a planet, party for the world. It’d take a fool to stay away. Proverbs 9 vv 1-6 & Matthew 22 vv 1-3

35.Run prophet Run. In a time of an evil queen one man with stand up for truth. One man will fight for justice. One man will set fire to a lot of wet wood, turn tail and run away depressed. Why’s lost the plot? And who’s that whispering to him? 1 Kings 18 v 30-39 & 1 Kings 19 vv 1-16

34. The Road. He warns his people. doesn’t let them down gently. It’ll always be the road less travelled. Against the traffic. The difficult option. The crowd will be in another place, occasionally interested but mostly not. Two or three, think small. Mustard seed faith, slowly infecting this dark world. Matthew 7 v 14

33. Crash… Things going bump in the night. Who’s been raiding that lost ark? Why’s that idol lying there looking… idle? Harmless and armless. He gets up but gets knocked down again. Looks as if the Philistines have been acting a little too philistine. Temple tussles, divine duels.And overnight success. 1 Samuel 5 vv 1-4, Isaiah 44 vv 9-10

32. The Lost Boys… The streets lie still, littered with despair. A young generation rebel. Howling, running in packs. Behaving like wild animals. What happened to the good people holding back the tide of evil? Where are the heroes? Which thieves stole their vision? How long before the tide turns? Job 29 vv 24-Job 30

31. Trading Places… The song of triumph becomes a funeral dirge. The heir to the throne becomes the man on the run. The giant-killer stares at a death sentence. Nowhere is safe. It drives him crazy. So much so that he swaps sanity for madness, the hero puts on fool’s clothes. 1 Samuel 21 vv 10-15

30. The Fighter… With a single punch he breaks the jaws of brutal kidnappers. Breaks their chains and frees the prisoners. He was eyes for the blind and feet for the lame. Now the fighter lies wounded. His light in danger of being extinguished. A good man down, depressed and bleeding. Job 29 vv 11-17

29.The Wrestler… A lonely figure walks the path unaware of the danger lurking. The footsteps ring out in the dusk. The creature waits, tense and in the shadows. He leaps, attacks, drags the figure to the ground. They fight, wrestle. It looks like an enemy, but they’re wrestling with God. Lamentations 3 vv 10.11. 21 & 22, Genesis 32 v 24

28. The Talent Competition…Three men, eight talents, one challenge. Who will win? Who will complete the task? And which one will make the wrong judgment call? Two get busy living, one gets busy digging. He’ll sit on that nest egg all day, but it’ll never hatch. A tragic comedy of errors. Matthew 25 vv 14-29

27. Storm Front… Seas will rise. The rains will fall. The world will appear to be ending for a gang of small people in a boat. Then one man will arise. Doing the impossible. Taking control of the elements. Unafraid of the storm. With the power to calm seas and fears. Psalm 108  vv 27-29, Mark 4 vv 35-41

26. The Wedding Planner… The sky cracks open and the heavens peel back like stage curtains. The lights fade. The movie begins. A wide screen, surround-sound Imax experience. John’s mind is blown, his memory downloads the whole thing. And way back, way, way back another seer had a vision of this. Rev 21 v 2. Isaiah 61 v 10

25. Blinded by the Light… A killer, eaten up by hate. A man on a murderous mission. The innocent will die. A road that’ll always be remembered. A journey that’ll go down in history. The hunter will become one of the hunted. His pen mightier than any sword he carries now. Acts 9 vv 1-6

24. Honey I Shrunk the Israelites… Twelve men on a mission. Only two will survive. A fertile land dripping with opportunity. And mountains and giants. The grapes may be massive, but so are the enemy. Ten men return feeling tiny. Two come back walking tall. An action-adventure about perspective. And courage. Numbers 13  vv 25-33

23. The Waiting… A people under pressure. A place without hope. A tired nation needing more. They stand – a defeated army – looking to the skies, longing, calling, praying, silent. And something begins. Something subtle yet supernatural. Something that will set them soaring, then running and finally walking… with their God. Isaiah 40 vv 29-31

22. The Sting… In a time of trouble, a time of drifting people, a time of weak leadership: one woman will rise. Fire in her spirit and truth in her mouth. Her name means Bee and she’ll lead the men to victory. One remarkable woman will make her mark on history. Judges 4 vv 4-10

21. It Started With a Kiss… One man took bread and sauce, eleven took bread and wine. One man stepped into the dark, eleven stayed near the light. One lost his footing, couldn’t find his way back, eleven stumbled but found new starts. A story of betrayal, friendship, failure and redemption. Mark 14 vv 17-25

20. Little Women… For guts, courage and sheer determination you can’t do better than this. When Naomi loses everything she decides to venture home. Bitter and broken she faces an empty future. Except for one thing. A gripping, twisting tunnel of a story, with an unexpectedly bright light at the end. Ruth 1 vv 8-18

19. The Fallen… Was it cowardice, confusion, disappointment or all three? Was it only the thing we might all have done in the same pressured moment? His world shattered, his hopes crunched under a Roman hammer. A promise made, dedication till death. Now just empty words gasping in a haunted darkness. Matthew 26 vv 69-75

18. Falling Down… A dark night. A man on the edge. A cry in the dark. An empty window. A crowd gathers as news of the tragedy spreads. A lone figure kneels over the body. Gathers the broken man. What will become of the man on the ledge? Intriguing medical drama…Acts 20 vv 7-12

17. The Breakfast Club… Seven fisherman, a builder, a fire and some fish. One of the seven’s not really hungry. He shifts uneasily, studies the builder through narrowed eyes. Trouble is coming, he knows it. The builder stands, the fisherman backs away. The builder moves closer, they stare at one another… John 21 vv 10-19

16. The Prophet… One man on a lonely platform, one nation gathered to hear. A single voice rings out, a pertinent question. What does The Designer want from us? The prophet sighs, he’s been here before. The people bring their money, their food, their possessions. The prophet shakes his weary head. Micah 6 vv 6-8

15. The Cousin & The Harem… A dark-comic-girl-meets-king-meets-prime-minister-spy-thriller. A posh palace, a thick plot, an insomniac king and a beautiful young woman. Will the evil Haman get his wicked way? Will Xerxes read his sacred diary? Why’s Esther throwing so many parties? And who’ll end up on those brand new gallows? Esther 5 & 6

14. Not Jacob’s Ladder… He speaks in parables. Talks in riddles. One dark day a stranger arrives telling of ladders and angels. Another world connected to this one via the mysterious son of man. ‘God’s here and I never knew it!’ Jacob had said. Nathanael’s about to say the same thing. John 1 vv 43-51

14. Eyes Wide Shut… A gripping thriller about eyes opened and eyes closed. Who will save the besieged man of God? As the forces amass, with murderous intent, surely there’s no way out. The extraordinary twist will leave you breathless. The blinds flicked open on the windows of a hidden reality. 2 Kings 6 vv 13-23

13. Mission Impossible… The mission – the world. The team – a dirty dozen. The back-up plan – non-existent. Destined to fail they go anyway. Knowing they’ll die they take up the challenge. Based on a two thousand-year-old story that isn’t over yet. The dirty dozen have become the bumbling billion. The epic continues… Matthew 28 vv 18-20

12. Flashmob King… The scene’s all set. People mill about on the hillside – babies, children, teenagers, adults, older folk. The builder from Nazareth tells them about wayward sons and shockingly good Samaritans. Then bang! Feast time. The king throws a banquet and everyone’s welcome. Even the rejected, rebels and losers. Luke 9 vv 10-17

11. Local Hero… That local boy playing in the street, the one they call Josh, he’s a regular, popular lad with a secret. As he grows up from a toddler to a teen, morphs from a workman to a wandering rabbi the truth slowly seeps out. God’s moved into the neighbourhood. John 1 v 14, Luke 2 v 52

10. Iron Man… A hero will arise. As the years pass and the floods recede a might warrior will stalk the land, building as he goes. And a Tower will arise. Snaking through the skies to the very gates of heaven. Until God himself comes to earth, delivering an eye-popping finale. Genesis 10 v 8-10  & 11 vv 1-9

9. Sores… Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. A general, a disease, a dilemma and an astonishing solution. Will he wash in the squalid Jordan waters? Will he humble himself and trust in the God of a mere servant girl? A shocking true-life drama. 2 Kings 5 vv 1-14

8. Under Siege… Two armies, both alike in quantity. One visible, the other not. One on fire, the other not. A city under siege. Earth and heaven clashing in a war story of good battling evil. Eyes opened on one side, shut on the other. Architects of death tricked into feasting. 1 Kings 6 vv 8-23

7. Sabbath Night Fever… A rabbi, a mother-in-law, and a fisherman in an astonishing medical drama. In a land torn apart by invasion the astonishing true story of a sick woman cured by a wise builder. Who is this stranger? And where will it all end? And why’s that crowd gathering?  Mark 1 vv 29-34

6. The Loneliness of the Old Testament Prophet… A misunderstood man stands alone, the world in turmoil. The people listen intently. They nod, absorb his message, then turn away and smile. To some folks this is a tragedy, to others it’s a comedy. To the prophet it’s another day at the office. Ezekiel 33 vv 30-32

5. The Invention of Homicide. The first murder mystery. Two brothers a take a hike, only one returns. Not so much a whodunnit as a whydunnit. One brother jealous, resentment growing, sin crouching like a rabid dog waiting to devour what’s good. A brutal dram of bitterness, revenge and family torn apart. Genesis 3

4. Perfect World… From the dawn of time comes a story of epic proportions. In the void a creator stands alone, dreaming of  new possibilities. The sound of one hand clapping echoes through the non-universe. A shout rings out. The impossible begins. A life-teeming tale, eye-popping effects, a cast of millions. Genesis 1

3. Ezekiel & The Valley of Death… an instant sci-fi classic. Sand, bones, skulls, bones, muscles, sinews, bones, resurrection and more bones. The prophet who finds himself in a very bad place, and the God who turns it around. The CGI will blow your mind. The message leaves your head spinning. Ezekiel 37

2. Hosea & The Half Baked Cake… a culinary tragedy of a recipe gone wrong and a nation wandering around in a hell of sludgy flour, raw eggs and tepid water. Will the people get ready steady and bake? Or will they never change? Wandering in a sea of inedibility. Hosea 7 v 8

1. Samson & The Quick Trim… a tale of scissors, jawbones, riddles, gate-nicking, hairdresser’s chit-chat and a spoiled brat who couldn’t keep his eyes off the local Philistine women. A forgotten tale of a bloke full of the spirit but none of the gifts. A charmless man who still proved useful. Judges 16

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