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Fifty Fifty

Fifty 50-word stories with a nod to the Good Book

20 Beatles’ Titles

20 Biblical Thoughts drawing on titles of songs by the Fab Four. 20 Beatles’ Song Titles All You Need is Love It may cost us dearly. All that patience and … Read on

50 Great Biblical Themes

50 Great Biblical Themes Acceptance ‘Seeing the broken, battered prodigal hauling himself up that long, hard road, the kind father ran, and threw his arms around his lost child…’ An … Read on


Y E S  &  N O 50 Short Biblical Monologues The emptiness. The longing. When every yes seems to have turned to no. When all the doors are closing. When … Read on

25 Seasonal Haikus

25 Seasonal Haikus:1 Christmas takes a lot Of planning, in this case not Weeks but centuries. Genesis 12:1-2 25 Seasonal Haikus:2 Messages of hope, Sent world-wide around this time – … Read on

Film Friday: King of Thieves

When young tech expert Basil comes knocking on the door of ageing crook Brian the stage is set for the biggest jewel heist in history. They gather a gang of … Read on

John’s Blog

John’s Blog – 50 Short Reflections:You can now download a PDF of this series by clicking this line…  50 Extracts from John’s Blog Bad Day He had raged, eyes blazing, at … Read on

50 Parables

50 Tales For Reading Between the Lines Hero Imagine a hero coming to our aid, not with all the power in the world, but with all the friendship, kindness and … Read on

66 Biblical Interviews

66 Extracts from Biblical Interviews = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 66 Extracts from Biblical Interviews ‘We’re so grateful … Read on

Moments When God Spoke

Moments When God Spoke The Lion King My expectation upended. The lion is announced and appears, and I look for a powerful creature. Expect the heavens to shake. What do … Read on

Ode to Hope

You can now download a free A5 version of this poem by clicking the link below – Ode to Hope downloadable A5 file – – – – – – – A … Read on

50 Little Biblical Haikus

Fifty short Haikus, Leading up to Advent and Christmas, and beyond. 50 Little Biblical Haikus 40 Angels Shepherds are dozing. Bam! Angels! Yikes! Run away! No need – it’s good … Read on

50 One Liners

A collection of One Liner thoughts, each relating to a Bible passage… 1. Here’s to the peacemakers, the kind and caring, the fighters for justice, the battlers for true harmony. … Read on

50 Reasons to Open a Bible

There’s fresh bread… Elijah’s given up. He wants to rollover and die. He did his best and look – nothing. No hope, no change, no revival. He’s had enough, collapses … Read on

50 Limerick Parables

50 Biblical Parables Retold as Limericks There’s a book full of tales once told By a carpenter-rabbi of old. The stories went viral, Passed on down life’s spiral, Now online … Read on

25 Festive Songs Rewritten

1 In the bleak midwinter the earth lets out its groan Some hearts strong as iron, others cold as stone. In the bleak midwinter, the waiting seems so long What … Read on

50 Cliffhanger Moments

This is soul destroying, she has asked and asked and asked. He’s a bad tempered, stubborn old wotsit. Only thinking of himself. Yet here she is struggling along, barely getting … Read on

50/50 Revelation Reflections

42. God’s moved in. Settled in the neighbourhood. There’ll be no more crying, or lack of respect, no more bitter arguments, or litter strewn about. This place is home. Home … Read on

50 First Lines

43. When are you gonna come down? When are you going to land? I couldn’t help thinking it as I looked up and saw him fall. He seemed to hover … Read on

The Haiku Gospel

Snapshots from John’s Gospel in seventeen syllables and three lines. To kick it all off The divine word becomes flesh, Compassion in clothes. John 1 v 14 Hairy cousin calls: … Read on

The Advent 25×25

1.Darkness. A voice, ‘Let there be light.’ A vulnerable light flickers. Stragglers, stumblers and those on the verge of giving up revive. Isaiah 9 v 2, Genesis 1 v 3 … Read on

50 Very Human Moments

50 fifty-word reflections, drawing on some very human moments in the Bible.  Jesus wipes the sweat from his brow. Flexes his weary muscles. Thinks on the old prophecy as he … Read on

The Bible in 66 Objects (& 50 words)

A whistle-stop 66 day tour through the books of the Bible, stopping off at a different point each day. (click here for 66 Objects on Facebook)

50 Prodigal Tales

It struck me recently that the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15) is such a defining story that it could be a really useful template for exploring a whole mixture of … Read on

50/50 Biblical Movie Pitches

Universal Creator Pictures Proudly Presents From the Bestselling Book: 50 Biblical Movie Pitches in 50 Words 50b. 300. Outnumbered. Ridiculous odds. The 300 stand in the light of the moon. … Read on

50/50 Photos

Have almost come to the end of 50 recent pix in 50 words that make me think of the Olde Book. Here’s a sample of the shots. On the 50/50 … Read on

50/50 Tales From the Dark Pews

50 lives in 50 words. A new one added each day. 50. The calamity Disaster! The church has been declared unsafe, riddled with woodworm and dry rot. The hall too. … Read on

50/50 Movie Moments

Fifty memorable film clips in fifty words. A new one added each day. 50. In the movie The Shawshank Redemption… Andy has a vision. He wants to make things better. … Read on

50/50 Brutal Bible Bits

Fifty excessive extracts from the Brutal Bible. [in 50 worrisome words] 50. Chaotic Creativity. Way back there at the dawn of time An idea formed to vex intelligent minds. Forever … Read on

50/50 Diary Entries

Fifty glimpses behind the scenes of fifty Bible stories. 50. The End. I still do plenty of things. Every day. It didn’t stop here. When I melted from one reality … Read on

25/25 Xtreme

Twenty five extreme situations in twenty five words. No 25. Dilemma II. What will she do now? Always a second chance. She frowns as she walks. It’s a tough ask. … Read on

50/50 Xtreme

Fifty extreme situations in fifty words. No 50. Heartbreak Hill. He makes his way around the group. His eyes wet. The guys shuffle their feet, stare at the ground. He … Read on

20/20 Visions

20 intriguing Biblical visions in 20 words. 20. The Feast. Everyone loves a good time. Laughter, food, drinks, friendship. Life beckons. Honour, truth, justice, compassion and humility wait on tables. … Read on

20/20 Questions

20 great Biblical questions in 20 words. ! ? ! ? ! ? 20. What do you want? They’re not sure really. Like so many of us. Like me. Curious. … Read on