Film Friday: Contagion


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I first watched this movie, about a global plague, or pandemic, when I was feeling ill. I don’t think it was man-flu, more a case of a bloke-cold or you might say a blold. The movie didn’t make me feel better. A fatal disease, transmitted by human contact, starts in Hong Kong and quickly spreads around the planet. The hunt is on for a cure, and the film is full of the panicky repercussions that accompany this awful situation.

The Spanish flu bug of 1918 killed somewhere between 50-100  million people. It’s the reason the government always takes very seriously any global viral threat. Plague was greatly feared back in the days of the early church too. Disease like this broke out from time to time, ravaging towns and cities. Understandably many people fled. But not the Christians. According to author Nick Page (in Kingdom of Fools) they stayed around to help the sick and dying. They demonstrated the shocking sacrificial nature of the love of God.

And not only during times of plague. Most families in the Roman Empire did not want more than one daughter, so they discarded any excess baby girls. Once again the church stepped in, adopting the abandoned children and raising them as their own. ‘No one has greater love than this,’ said once Jesus, ‘to lay down your life for others.’ Inspired by his great love those early Christians did just that.

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