Film Friday: Jersey Boys

The film Jersey Boys is based on the hit musical about the hugely successful group The Four Seasons. Their first three singles were massive number one hits in America, and the third of these was called Walk Like a Man. I like the conversation featured in this clip, and it made me think about the message of the song.

There’s quite a lot of talk these days about integrity. Marrying the way we walk with the way we talk. In the film the characters sing about us walking like men, but I’m not sure that many of them portray the same message on screen. What does it mean to walk like a man anyway? What kind of man embodies the best qualities?

A few years ago it struck me that there are two ways to go with integrity. We can either bring our walk up to the level of our talk (not exactly a stroll in the park), or we need to bring our talk down to the level of our walk. Thus being a little more honest about the nature of our lives, faith and hope. I bumble along, I always have. (I certainly struggle to ‘walk like a man’!!). But I’m discovering that most people do, we are not the heroes we would like to be. We believe in a God who loves justice, peace, humility and kindness, yet we often fall short of modelling that. Have a look at Psalm 73 verses 1-3, or Romans 7 verses 15-25. Thank God for Jesus, the man who did marry his words with his actions.

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  1. Andy Stickland says:

    Sometimes yes a need to bring our talk down to walk in humility and so be humble.If we dont those who see us will say we are not real . Yet at same time we are called to be Holy (set apart ) and to be perfect.

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