Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 1

Normal McCloud may not sound much like the name of an extraordinary person, but that’s often the way. The dullest of names can conceal the most incredible of people. Actually, calling Normal McCloud a person is a little misleading, but we’ll come back to that.

Normal lived in a house that we will not visit in this book, so it doesn’t matter too much at the moment. The building that does matter was called Guardian Grange. It matters very much in fact.  It was a massive gothic sort of building with huge bay windows, tall towers, and at least four floors. It stood in its own grounds, two hundred miles away from Normal’s house.

Normal left home each morning and went to Halo prep school with his big friend Tiberius. Tiberius wasn’t big in the sense that he was any older than Normal, they were both eleven, but he was big in that his body, arms, legs and even head were just that little bit larger. He was a hefty lump of a boy, and strong too. The strongest boy in Halo’s Preparatory school. All of Tiberius’s family were tall. His dad was a big wrestler of a guy.  In fact Tiberius looked very similar to his dad, same blond hair, wide eyes and round squidgy nose. Same square shoulders and wide chest. Just smaller, as if someone had left a copy of his dad in the rain and he’d shrunk down to this size.

Normal and Tiberius were both extraordinary, they just didn’t know it, as so many people in their world didn’t. They just went to school, messed about as friends, claimed they were going to be heroes one day and told each other bad jokes that most other people didn’t get.

But the day they left Halo prep school and began to prepare for their years at Guardian Grange everything began to change and it set them on the road to extraordinariness.

For part 2 click here.

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