Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 14

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‘Norm!’ hissed Tiberius.
‘But I heard someone saying something,’ whispered Normal.
‘Really? So what were they saying then?’
Master. I think. Something about master.’ Normal listened. ‘There it is again Headmaster.’
‘What? Someone’s walking round saying headmaster? You’re nuts.’
Suddenly there was a footstep and a short round figure appeared around the corner.
‘What are you two boys doing still up?’ the headmaster said and he twiddled the end of his moustache. ‘Don’t you know it’s way past lights out?’
‘We couldn’t sleep, sir,’ said Tiberius.
‘Well try counting sheep boy!’

Normal was standing there looking past the headmaster into the shadows.
‘And what’s wrong with you?’ The headmaster bellowed at him, he was not in a good mood.
‘Were you alone, sir?’ Normal asked.
‘Of course. Why?’
‘Oh nothing, sir.’

The head grabbed the boys by their shoulders and spun them around to face the way they had come. There was no getting out of it, he was clearly going to march them all the way back to their dormitory himself. Which is exactly what he did. Tiberius threw Normal the odd cheeky grin as they were herded along, but Normal just frowned back.

‘What was all that about?’ Tiberius asked as they lay in the darkness in their room ten minutes later.
‘What d’you mean?’
‘You know, asking the head if he was alone and all that?’
‘I told you. I heard voices.’
‘I heard nothing,’ said Tiberius, and he sounded as if he was chewing another marshmallow and marmite cracker as he spoke.
‘Maybe my hearing’s better than yours,’ whispered Normal.
‘Yea, or maybe you’re just mad.’
‘Maybe,’ said Normal and his voice sounded very small in the darkness.

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