Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 28

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‘I did hear a rumour that one of the humans could walk on water,’ said Tiberius.
‘I heard that two people once did. But one sank.’ said Ocacia.
‘Sank? On water? What’s so hard about walking on water?’ said Ararnia.
‘Can you do it then?’ asked Normal.
‘Yea, come on let’s go out to the silver lake and I’ll show you.’
‘Now? But it’s midnight,’ said Tiberius. ‘And we’re supposed to be having a feast here.’
‘So, grab a few snacks and let’s eat out by the lake.’
‘I hope we don’t bump into that weird thundercloud monster again,’ said Normal.
‘What thundercloud monster?’ said Ararnia
‘Come on,’ said Normal and they scooped up the food and went.

‘That was confusing about seraphim and cherubim, wasn’t it?’ said Normal as they plonked the cakes at the edge of the water.
‘No it wasn’t,’ said Arania, ‘It’s easy. Seraphim have six eyes, six legs and whizz about on skateboards.’
‘I thought that was cherubim.’
‘No Cherubim have eyes in their backs and four heads.’
‘They’ve got eyes in their foreheads?’
‘No, they’ve got four heads!’
‘I heard that humans have eyes in their foreheads,’ said Tiberius.

Ararnia wasn’t listening. She stepped up to the water’s edge, put her foot on the still, calm surface and lifted her other leg off the land.
‘Ta dah!’ she said, standing on one leg on the water.
Ocacia clapped.
‘It’s not very deep there,’ said Tiberius.
‘Okay then,’ said Ararnia and she began hopping further onto the lake. She swapped legs and hopped again, then she leapt forward onto her hands and flicked her legs in the air so that she was now doing hand stand on the water.
‘See,’ she said, through a mass of red hair that hung down over her face, ‘easy!’

‘Enemy approaching,’ said Normal.
‘Someone just said “enemy approaching” didn’t you hear?’
‘What is it with you?’ said Tiberius. ‘You’re going bonkers. Always on about people saying things.’
Normal frowned. ‘No I definitely heard it.’
Ocacia narrowed her eyes. ‘There is something in the distance over there.’
The others looked. They couldn’t see a thing.

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