Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 30

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Tiberius looked at Normal. Normal looked at Ocacia. They all shrugged in unison. There came another ear battering thunderclap and they turned and fled onto the water. Ararnia led the way, having no problems. But Tiberius, behind her was amazed at what was happening. He looked at his feet, at the water, and back at Normal running behind him.

‘Wow! We’re running on water!’ he yelled and he let out a massive yelp.

The sky was split by another streak of lightning and Tiberius slowed up so that Normal bumped into him and Ocacia into Normal. Tiberius glanced back and saw the cloud moving closer. He looked down at his feet and for a moment lost his nerve. His legs felt heavy and his shoes began to slip beneath the surface, kicking up huge splashes as he sank lower.

Suddenly he was sinking, up to his waist and his chest and shoulders, and then his head was disappearing under the water. The sliver lake was deep, deeper than it looked. Tiberius was dressed in his uniform and swimming was difficult. he went on sinking down, down into the dark depths.

His feet plopped into something soft, a silvery bed of sand at the bottom of the lake. He tried to swim upwards but he couldn’t do it. So he looked around for some way of escape. His cheeks were puffed out and he wasn’t sure he could hold his breath for much longer. Something shone in the water gloom and he waded towards it, his feet kicking up big wads of sand as he moved. There was a large brown shape set in the lake floor with a silver latch on it. he reached down and took hold of the handle and pulled with all his might. At first nothing happened, then a second pull dragged it up out of the sandy bed. It was a door and it swung back on hinges and collapsed with a woomph sound, kicking up clouds of sand as it landed. there was some kind of tunnel underneath it. Tiberius dived into it and began to swim, hoping against hope that there would be a way out at the other end.

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