Film Friday: The Rewrite

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Keith Michaels is a struggling screenplay writer, famous for his one big hit, Paradise Misplaced. Now he can’t sell a script for love or money. So on the advice of his agent, he reluctantly takes up teaching. At first he is of course all at sea, and intends to swan about doing as little as possible, but as time goes by he begins to help his class write their own screenplays, eventually taking one of them to Hollywood. Keith wanted to continue his career as an award winning script writer. What he hadn’t realized was that he could probably do better by helping others discover and develop their talents.

I’ve never forgotten seeing the advert above and I could add a name to that list too. ‘Mr Tuck.’ Maybe you could add a name as well.

Jesus came to change the planet, but he only spent three years of his life demonstrating his teachings, living differently and tutoring others, after that he left it to his ‘class’, his bumbling ragtag band of followers. His idea was to pass on his way of life and his teachings so that others could do, in his own words – much greater things than he had done. He frequently pushed his friends into the limelight, getting them to feed people, walk on water, and show others the good news about God. If you’re like me you might well ask, ‘What’s your plan B, Jesus?’ And he’d say, there is none. Jesus is a risk taker, not a control freak, he continues to invite us to continue what he began. Learning as we go, often by our mistakes and failures. Scary stuff, but that’s the kind of teacher he is. Promising to always be very much with us, helping and enabling us, but very much trusting us with the work he started.

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  1. andystickland says:

    Re Write film looks good Dave. I so enjoy teaching about Nature Studies and Farming and with my lecturung work drying up after returning to West Country it is frustrating to not use my knowledge. Such a joy teaching can be BUT such a responsibility to do so well . I had a chat recently with a college rep and may be offered some sessional lecturing. Hugh Grant plays a good role here

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