Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 34

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They spun round and saw old Rafe standing there.
‘You two rascals again!’ he muttered. ‘I caught you before. And now I see you’ve got these two girls sneaking about with you. Don’t you like sleeping at night?’
‘We er… we just wanted to try walking on water,’ said Normal.

‘Yes,’ butted in Tiberius,’ and we sank, but we found a tunn…oof!’
Normal elbowed him in the ribs and Tiberius doubled over. Normal put ona big smile.
Old Rafe studied them closely through narrowed eyes.
‘Y-e-e-e-e-e-e-s,’ eh said slowly, ‘I bet you did find a tunnel… hmm…’
‘Oh no, but we didn’t, you know, do anything, sir,’ said Normal and Tiberius looked up, his cheeks flushed and he did his best to nod agreement.

They were all suddenly lit up by a sudden streak of lightning, forking across the sky. Old Rafe glanced back over his shoulder at the approaching thunder cloud. It was still moving closer.
‘I think we’d best all turn in don’t you?’ he said.
‘But sir we wanted to…’ Before Ararnia could finish Old Rafe raised his right hand clicked his fingers.
There was the sound of rushing wind in their ears and Normal and Tiberius suddenly landed with a bump on their bunk beds. The room creaked a little under the force.
‘What happened there?’ said Tiberius.
‘Looks like Old Rafe magicked us back here?’ said Normal.
‘I thought magic wasn’t allowed. ‘ said Tiberius.
‘No, it was probably a miracle then. Shame, we missed seeing the thundercloud monster again.’

‘Why did you jab me in the ribs? I nearly brought up my mum’s treacle and pork cake. You wouldn’t have liked that the second time around, I can promise you that.’
‘I thought it best to be discreet about our visit to those humans for now.’
‘They were well scary weren’t they, those humans, like weird monsters. Do you think they were real?’
Normal laughed. ‘Of course they were real! Now let’s get some sleep.’
‘Hope they don’t come and attack us,’ said Tiberius as he rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

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