Awesome Ages

They’re as old as the hills – and some of them are older.

Some of the Old Testament dudes lived so long their ages look more like telephone numbers.

Can you put the names to the ages?

1. Adam

2. Methuselah

3. Noah

4. Enoch

5. Elijah

6. Abel

a/ 365

b/ 930

c/ 950

d/ 969

e/ No idea, but he did an impression of Joshua and then it all ended in a blaze o’ glory.

f/ Ouch!


1. Adam – 930

2. Methuselah – 969 – the oldest guy ever ever ever. And he didn’t take extra vitamins or have his five a day.

3. Noah – 950

4. Enoch – 365 ( a year for every day of the er… year). Mind you the truth is he didn’t actually pop his clogs. Partly because he didn’t wear any, and partly because God just took him away. Vamoosh! He just vanished. His friends started a Facebook campaign but it came to nothing.

5. Elijah – no idea, but it all ended in a blaze o’ glory. Another one that got away. We don’t even know how old he was when he parted the Jordan, just like old Josh had done, and then threw his cloak to Elisha, what you might call tag prophesying. Then a burning chariot rocked by, he hopped on board and zipped off. Elisha got his job and, inspired perhaps by the sight of a few flaming horses, made a fire and cooked his oxen.

6. Abel – ouch! And yes – no idea at all. All we know is that it ended badly. Cain got all huffy and took his brother on the kind of walk you don’t come back from. And with that in mind…

How did Cain kill his brother?

a/ Bored him to death.
b/ Buried him in the bulrushes.
c/ Hit him with his rhythm stick.
d/ Clubbed him with a rock.
e/ No idea.
f/ Any of the above.

Answer – could have been f/ any of the above, but really e/ is the closest. We just don’t know. All we’re told is that Cain attacked him. It’s unlikely that he used a rhythm stick as they hadn’t been invented back then.

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