Guardian Grange Heroes Part 42

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Normal just nodded.
‘How on earth did you get to… well… earth?’ asked the headmaster.
Normal told him about diving into the Silver Lake and swimming down the underwater tunnel.
‘Hmmph,’ the headmaster shook his head. ‘I will take this to be new intake shenanigans. But I don’t want to hear about this kind of behaviour again. Missions to earth are only to be undertaken under strict instructions from your various tutors. Do you understand Mr McCloud?’
Normal nodded again.

‘Good, now off you go, you’ve missed enough lesson time as it is.’
Normal stood up and walked to the door. He stopped with his hand on the handle and hesitated for a moment.
‘Sir?’ he asked.
‘What now?’ asked the head, twiddling his moustache.
‘Do the numbers 2974 mean anything to you?’

The headmaster looked blank for a moment, then his eyes burst wide again.
‘Of course!’ he said and he leapt up and hurried over to a picture above the fireplace. It was a picture of a man holding up his hand and catching a jagged stream of fire from the skies.
‘Who’s that, sir?’ Normal asked.
‘Who? This? Oh a human going by the name of Elijah. Once called fire down from the heavens. Clever chap. Won a contest with a bunch of old false prophets. Now then…’

The head took the picture off the wall to reveal a safe embedded in the wood. He put his nose close to the dial and twisted it one way then the other four times.
‘There we go,’ he said and the door of the safe flew open to a quick burst of The Hallelujah Chorus.
‘Couldn’t for the life of me remember the combination,’ he said with a grin. ‘Been racking my brain for weeks. Well done McCloud. You and that gift of yours could prove very useful indeed.’ He reached into the safe and pulled out a key. It shimmered and kept changing colour as he held it up.

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