Film Friday: The Water Diviner

Four years after losing his three sons on the same day in the battle for Gallipoli, Joshua Connor travels from Australia to Turkey to try and locate their missing bodies.  However he soon encounters problems, and on arriving in Turkey he has to battle to find his way to Gallipoli, where over 100,000 men lost their lives. There is already a force of trained soldiers at work, scouring the site for bodies, and no one wants this maverick farmer there, intent on his own personal quest. When he is told to go home he simply stays put and camps on the beach.

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Joshua encounters many obstacles and troubles along the way. No one sees the need for him to be out there looking for his boys, but his heart is set on the task and nothing will deter him, he wants to find his lost sons. Joshua is a man who won’t let violence, hardship, prejudice or unexpected trouble stop him from searching out his lost family.

Jesus’ most famous parable features a father who never stops believing that his lost son will be found. A father so foolishly dedicated that when he sees the boy on the horizon he forgets all protocol and traditional dignity and runs like a wild man to be with him. Jesus embodied this God who had not kept his distance, but had come looking, the farmer who would search high and low for his lost sheep, never giving up, never deterred by darkness or difficulty, keeping on until he found what had gone missing. Centuries before this, the prophet Ezekiel had predicted that God would be like this, a good Shepherd, a good father, who would rescue his sheep, and come looking for the lost sons and daughters of every generation. The God who continues to reach into the dark battlegrounds of our lives.

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  1. Keith Bennett says:

    Does a Heavenly Father change His plan when we reveal our determination to do something good and honourable?

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