The Monday Rewrite: A Long Time Ago…

For Star Wars day, (May the 4th be with you)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
A time of peace was ticking away.
When an empire of darkness laid siege to the land
And the empire of light knew the end was at hand.

The evil Darth who perpetrated the plot
Rebelled against the good things he’d got.
Once a Jedi Knight, he turned his back on good
And dragged a third of the empire through the mire and the mud.

The benign dictator in the empire of light
Feared for the future of goodness and right
If the evil Darth were to win the day
Then destruction and darkness would soon have their way.

So the benign dictator hatched a cunning plan
He assembled his forces – selected a man.
A Knight of sorts, with a sabre of light,
This was the man he selected to fight.

This Jedi Knight, with truth at his hip
Took to the skies in some kind of ship.
Flew into the fray and confronted the Darth
And they met for the mother of all battles on earth.

Well the battle ensued, lasting three years,
There was war in the heavens and blood, sweat and tears,
Then, just as things turned in the Jedi’s favour
The evil Darth floored him with a slice of his sabre.

With a silent scream he struck the Jedi’s head
And in a few short hours, the hero was dead.
The dark side had triumphed, to the Jedi’s cost.
And with the good knight destroyed the battle was lost.

The evil Darth then assembled his might,
Prepared to invade the empire of light.
Then a rumbling began as low as thunder,
And the shaking that followed tore the dark side asunder.

The forces assembled there panicked and fled
As a Jedi Knight lifted his head.
The evil Darth stared in horror and said,
“This cannot be so, the Jedi was dead.”

But the Jedi was back – the story was true,
With a stroke of his sabre he cut the Darth in two.
The evil prince fell writhing away
And the empire of darkness crumbled that day.

The outcome was clear, the dark side lay dying.
But it wouldn’t give up, it still went on trying;
And back in the galaxy far, far away
The Jedi battles, even today.

This fable, this story, this plot that you hear
Relates to a planet not too far from here.
In fact, the Jedi Knight once did battle on earth
And his victory bought justice, hope and self-worth.

Fear leads to anger and anger to hate
And hate to death and by then it’s too late.
So the benign dictator intervened and stepped in
Sending his son to fight death… and to win.

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  1. Marilyn Hamilton says:

    Except that A) God isn’t a benign dictator and B) Luke Skywalker was Darth Vader’s son……

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