Film Friday: After Earth

When Cypher Raige and his son Kitai crash land on an uninhabited earth Cypher breaks both legs and Kitai must make a perilous journey across the planet alone. He has contact with his father, who can see him, and monitor and guide his progress, but Kitai cannot see his father, he can only hear his voice.

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There are of course parallels with our relationship with God here, the good father we cannot see but who can see us, and who follows our travelling through this life. Jesus encouraged us to listen for his voice, likening himself to a good shepherd. In his day shepherd’s knew their sheep and named them, and their sheep knew the shepherd’s voice and would respond to it.

It’s not as easy for us to hear God as it is for Kitai to hear his father. There are all kinds of voices telling us what to do in this life – advertising, temptation, doubt, fear, peer pressure. To name just a few. Kitai has the one voice in his ear, directing him. We must battle at times to discern God’s guidance in a noisy world.

‘Fear is not real. Danger is real, fear is a choice.’ So says Cypher at one point to Kitai.

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I am quite a fearful person, and I’m not sure whether I’d say fear is a choice, more a reaction, beyond initial control. An impulse. Sometimes to real danger and sometimes to perceived danger. I guess the challenge is then, what do I do with my fear? The writers of the Bible encourage us to tell God about it. ‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ So writes Paul to the Philippians. I guess I will worry, I will fear too, but from time to time I will hopefully remember that I can take those fears and worries to God for his help.

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  1. Robert Jeffery says:

    Hi Dave. A great analogy. Thanks for sharing.

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