50/50 3:16 Reflections from Various Biblical Books


50 reflections on various 3:16 references.

50. John 3:16
An invitation. An indelible signpost in history. Two bits of wood with the longest shadow in the world. Reaching down the ages, kick starting a new future for so many. A billion slates wiped clean. A billion errors flying into the distance, carried away by the forgiving winds of God.


49. Esther 3:15
A decree, like so many others in history, warped, twisted, shrouded in malevolence. Two men sit down in comfort and opulence to drink and be merry; whilst a thousand others prepare to suffer the consequences. That is… until one woman decides to takes a stand. One person making a difference.


48. Nahum 3:16
Nahum stands in the shadow of the city. The place where corruption and cruelty reign. Terror flows from the place towards the people of God. But Nahum sees another outcome. This place of wealth will tumble. Evil will not prosper. God has another story in mine. He’ll make a way.


47. Ecclesiastes 3:16
Sometimes it seems little more than a show, a fashion parade for the emperor’s new clothes. Fakery in fancy dress. Justice banished to the naughty step. Headlines and soundbites matter more than fairness. News triumphs over truth. Meanwhile the oppressed cry out, the injured bang on the doors of hope.


46. 1 Chronicles 3:16
The days of David and Solomon seem a distant memory now. The sons and grandsons come and go, and the kings rise and fall. Prophets are disregarded and messages from God burnt, truth and compassion disregarded. Not the best of times or greatest of leaders. The nation stumbles towards exile.


45. Numbers 3:16
The tribe set apart, to take care of the tabernacle, the place of worship. To run it practically, to protect it from harm, to minister to the people. To be God’s advocates. A foreshadow of another advocate, another priest. A man who will stand in the gap. Bridging two worlds.


44. Proverbs 3:16
It’s the most precious of things. Not material possessions, or monetary gain. Not fame or celebrity, power or influence. Wisdom is often low on the list, but it can bring its own extraordinary riches. Life. Hope. Purpose. Resilience. Perseverance. Trust. Integrity. Compassion. The kind of treasure that’s well worth finding.


43. Deuteronomy 3:16
Moses looks back, and uses his final speech to inspire faith. Not in himself, but in the God he serves, the One who’s brought them this far. They now live in a new life because of their God. And it’s not the end, it’s the beginning of a higher call.


42. 2 Peter 3:16
Paul was not always the easiest to comprehend, sometimes they spent hours with his letters, frowning and debating. But the truth is like buried treasure, hidden within and waiting to be dug up. And woe to any who might extract their own little bit and use it as a weapon.

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