Monday Rewrite: Discovered Email from Naomi to Boaz


Dear Boaz

If you ever hurt my daughter-in-law I’ll break your nose. She is the most caring, dedicated person I have ever met. Back in Moab, when she was married to my son, she used to wind me up no end. Always doing things her own way. But you know, when I had lost everything, she stuck with me. And let’s face it, I’d never say this out loud, but I am just a cantankerous old woman, bitter and twisted. And with good reason. God took everything I had, my husband, my sons, my future. And in my old age I found myself limping back to my old home, like some wrinkled old prodigal daughter, looking for somewhere to go and die.

But enough about me. The point is, Ruth did not abandon me, which would have been the sensible thing. My other daughter-in-law Orpah has a reasonable head on her shoulders, she always listens to what I say and so she went back. She listened to my advice and returned to her home to find a new husband. Ruth is a stubborn young mule and she blatantly disobeyed me. Thank God.

And you know, she said the kindest thing anyone ever said to a grieving, lost woman, ‘Wherever you go, I’ll go. Your home will be my home, your God will be my God, and where you die I will die.’ They don’t put that on the e-cards they advertise on FaceScroll do they? Well they should. They really should. And she meant it. It wasn’t just a line in a song to her. She has stayed with me through thick and thin. Through grief and poverty and loss. And now she’s promised to do the same for you. She’ll do it, I know. So you’d better take good care of her, give her lots of strong sons, and maybe one of them will turn out to be a prime minister or a king, who knows. If her children have a single ounce of her strength and courage then they will surely go a long way.

So watch your back Mr Boaz, because I’m watching you.

Naomi, your new mother-in-law

P.S. Thank you for rescuing us. The Lord gave and the Lord took away, and now he has given back.

[Ruth chapters 1 & 4]

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