Saturday Extra: A Couple of Coins

For anyone who never realised that when they were doing something small they were actually doing something rather momentous.

Cast: Andrew (A) Mum (M)

A. What’s wrong mum?
M. Oh I don’t know, nothing.
A. No, what is it?
M. Nothing. Things working out okay with you and the lads? Not getting involved with anything you know… dangerous.
A. Dangerous?
M. Yes you know, plotting against the Romans or something? Joanna’s boy has gone off and is up living in the hills with a group of cut throats. She says he’ll end up dead in a back street if he goes on acting like he has been.
A. No it’s not like that. Jesus is not like that.
M. They say he’s a revolutionary.
A. He is, just not that sort.
M. Oh! (Sighs) I wish I was twenty years younger… I’d be out there with you.
A. What d’you mean?
M. Well that’s the thing isn’t it? Life. There you are – out chasing your dreams and doing something with your life. Look at me. What am I doing?
A. You don’t know do you?
M. Don’t know what?
A. He saw you the other day, made a thing of pointing you out to the rest of us. Says you’re going down in history.
M. Don’t be ridiculous. (Pause) For what?
A. We saw you paying into the temple boxes.
M. What?? Oh… not that! Oh dear. I didn’t know you were there. Now I’m embarrassed. I had nothing much to put in. Barely anything. It was pitiful really. I felt a bit of fool.
A. That’s not what he said. He said you gave way more than any of the fat cats stuffing their surplus riches in. He says you gave everything and it was worth the world.
M. You’re kidding.
A. I’m not. You’re a hero mum. And you never knew it.
M. Didn’t feel like I was being hero.
A. Maybe it never does. Maybe it never does. (Hugs her) Well done superstar.
M. Oh shut up and eat your lunch.

(Luke 21 vv 1-4)

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