50 Bible Bits Prompted by Film Taglines

Love knows no boundaries. His love knows no end, it is patient, kind, keeps no record of wrongs, believes the best. Does not demand its own way. His love rejoices in the truth and never gives up. His love is for us. Nothing can separate us from it. Nothing whatsoever. Romans 8 vv 35-39, 1 Corinthians 13

All Hail the King. They run to meet him. The king like no other, the one without any pomp, the one who sits on the pavement, his feet in the gutter. Meeting us, laughing, listening, crying, bantering. The king of humanity. The king of heaven. The king of hope. Matthew 21 vv 1-11

Dead Men Tell No Tales. Which is odd because he’s talking right now. The man who lay in a tomb for 5 days. His sisters heartbroken, wondering why their friend hadn’t come to help. Then suddenly – there he was. With hope in his hands, resurrection in his reach. John 11 vv 38-44

Survival. Resilience. Redemption. They once ran for their lives, survival instinct kicking in. Then they had the courage to come back and see him again. Now they find themselves bringing redemption to others. Changed by their recent experience, they offer the kind of hope that he has offered to them. Acts 3 vv 1-15

Houston, we have a problem. And not only Houston. We all have a problem. Creation groans, the world suffers, selfishness and wrongdoing hold us hostage once again. Fear and darkness come knocking. In this world we find again that we have trouble. Our feet stumble and hearts cry out. Psalm 2 & Psalm 69

We are not alone. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in our times of trouble. It sometimes feels as if the earth beneath our feet is trembling and the structures of our life are very fragile indeed. We pass through deep waters and raging fire. Psalm 46 & Isaiah 43

Starting from scratch never tasted so good. A meal for a fresh start. Bread and wine to mark a new way forward. A beginning. A body broken and blood poured out for forgiveness. Fed 5000, now feeds us. A whole new relationship established. Needing food, needing drink, needing Jesus. Matthew 26 vv 26-29

Here’s to the fools who dream. In his mind he’s already there, already won the prize, already in that place of wonder, with the king who can calm all fears, dispel all anger, bring lasting purpose. Not there yet, but that ‘foolish’ vision keeps him running for the tape. Ephesians 2 vv 4-7

This is the closest they’ve been in years. Jacob limps home, injured from wrestling with his Maker, but transformed too. No longer running and hiding, now walking with his God. He embraces the brother he feared. The divine reconciliation begun by Jabbok firelight is consolidated here, with his family. Genesis 33

The event that shaped our world. Who could have imagined it, who would have known? A mother gives birth to a new child, in a part of the universe wrestling with disease, trouble and tyrants. A few shepherds pitch up to see, no one else spots it that night. Luke 2 vv 1-20

This summer, the galaxy won’t save itself. Like any summer, winter, spring or autumn. The call echoes across the universe. Volunteers wanted, small heroes ready to save things. Faithful folks, with small courage, ready to battle evil with a little strength and kindness. And the promised Helper of God. John 16 v 13, John 14 vv 12-18

The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe has been answered. ‘We’ve met the visitor from another world. Another dimension.’ So says John in his extraordinary book. ‘One from the dawn of time. Full of light and glory, truth and life.’ That meeting changed everything. John 1 vv 1-5

This crew is a riot. Was he really wise to bring them along? To go out looking in the unexpected places and find this lot of spiritual vagabonds? Always arguing amongst each other, getting the wrong end of the stick, jostling to take over. And there’ll be millions more. Mark 9 vv 33-37, Matthew 26 vv 36-46

The future of justice begins with her. For her people, for her time, though she never expected it. The mission has grown beyond her imagining. Now she must confront the highest man in the land, to save everyone else from the biggest lowlife. She prays, she fasts, she plans. Esther 4 vv 1-17

Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe! Powerful guardians, warriors able to fend of enemy raiders at the drop of a hat. Comforters in the wilderness. Messengers of heaven. The sign of another way, another king. Dimension travellers, moving between the seen and the unseen. God’s guides. Genesis 28 v 12, Matthew 4 v 11, Matthew 26 vv 50-54, Hebrews 1 v 14

You’re never too old to get even. He’s been spared the curse of prison food, now he spots his chance. Sees a colleague who owes him. In an instant he has him by the throat. ‘Pay me back!’ he roars, spitting as he yells; unknowingly sealing his own fate. Matthew 18 vv 21-34

How often do you find the right person? She just ‘happens’ to go looking for scraps in the right field. He just ‘happens’ to be a kind man who notices her. They just ‘happen’ to fall for each other. A wedding, a son, a grandson called David. History’s made. Ruth 2-4

An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making. Who knows how long it had been a spark in the Creator’s mind’s eye? Life. A single word triggered the start. A universe birthed in a moment. The Living Word pregnant with everything that ever was, is and will be. Eternity. Genesis 1 v 1

Empires Fall. Love survives. A clash of two kingdoms. The might of Rome versus the King of kindness. Battle lines are drawn as war-weary soldiers hammer nails. The years tick by, the centuries tumble. Rome and its soldiers become a distant memory. The humble king of love lives on. Mark 15 v 39

This is the story of a lifetime. It began with terror. And bulrushes. Moved onto the royal court and 40 years privilege. Then a rescue attempt plunged him into desert. Another 40 years. Then, just as he was plotting retirement, the scenery flamed, the call came. The future beckoned. Exodus 2-4

A moving 12 year epic. She huddles in the crowd, been huddling for over a decade. Keeping a low profile. The problem is she huddled before because she was ill. Now she has no excuse. Can feel the strength returning. It’s really worked. Reaching out to Jesus changed things. Mark 5 vv 24-34

What did she see? They stare at her, their jaws on the floor. Did they hear right? Is she really telling them what they think she is telling them? How can that be? Maybe she was confused, blinded by grief and tears? ‘I saw him,’ she insists, ‘He’s alive!’ Mark 16 vv 9-11

The List is Life. The good life guide for a people who have been little more than property all their lives. Previously treated as slaves, marginalised and excluded. This is a way to be fully human, a guide for living a healthy life, a list of priorities and purposes. Exodus 20 vv 1-17, Matthew 5

The story of two people who got married, met, and then fell in love. As she stands in the distance staring at him something passes between them, a kind of electricity. An undeniable bond locks into place. He looks torn, a little broken, her heart goes out to him. Genesis 24 vv 61-67

Laughter is contagious. She hugs the child in her arms, remembers that day she laughed at the promise of God. Yet here she is now, laughing again. With awe, wonder and relief. And others along with her. They’ll call him Isaac, meaning laughter – the miracle boy of joy. Genesis 21 vv 6-7

Eternity Is Closer Than You Think. No warning, no alarm going off, just the sound of one of them catching their breath. Pete swings round, the light has changed – a figure in dazzling white. Like seeing the man from Nazareth’s true identity. Heaven planting both feet firmly on earth. Mark 9 vv 1-3

On the air. Unaware. Like compassionate CCTV, a caring eagle eye. Kindness observed and logged. Golden moments without applause, accolades or headlines; no cups, medals or Oscars. But one person sees, one being knows the energy, the resources, put into helping others. The small things that change the world. Matthew 6 v 4 & 6 v 18

You’re an addict, so be addicted, just be addicted to something else. A deliberate design fault. We’re wired up with a deficit, a weakness, a hankering. For a connection. With the creator. Not being able to make it through the day without our fix of God. Time spent wisely. Psalm 37 v 7, Luke 6 v 16

Choose life. He stands before the people, looks at them with hope and compassion. They’ve been through so much. He doesn’t want them to throw it all away now. ‘Please!’ he calls, ‘listen to me. Two roads lie before you, one leads to life. Please take it with me.’ Joshua 24 vv 14-15

Get ready for rush hour. Who’d have thought it? A few days ago there were a handful of them skulking in a dark room, keeping a low profile. No low profile now. Three thousand people all wanting to know more. The word spreading like a smile. Contagious good news. Acts 2 v 41

A Lot Can Happen In The Middle Of Nowhere. He regularly slips away, takes time in desert places. With little to see he makes contact with another dimension. Recharges, invests in the day. Makes contact with the maker of deserts, towns, individuals and universes. Prepares for the coming day. Luke 4 v 42 & Luke 5 v 16 & Mark 1 vv 12-13

Meet the women you don’t know, behind the mission you do. They supported him sacrificially, followed him to the end. Took to the streets when the men took to hiding. And in age of inequality, he saw no difference. Gave them the mission that would begin a seismic change. Luke 8 v 1-3, Mark 15 v 40, Mark 16 v 1, Luke 24 vv 1-11

He will erase your past to protect your future. We come in our millions, bedraggled, wounded, regretful, disappointed, limping. We dump the rucksacks we carry, loaded with mistakes, mud and misdemeanours. The strongman lifts them easily, hurls them into oblivion. We breathe again, smile again, undeserving, but reaching out. 2 Corinthians 5 v 17, Psalm 103 vv 12-13

Get An Afterlife. A hidden reality, another dimension. We catch glimpses of it from time to time. Present moments cracking a door on the future, catching strains of another music in another universe. A time without time. And another king, unlike any other, longing for us to take note. Revelation 1 vv 17-18

Sometimes you have to go halfway around the world to come full circle. He’s been to hell and back. Thought he was on his way to heaven, but the ‘angels’ turned out to be pickpockets and charlatans. The paradise-people became life-sappers. Turns out his father throws the best raves. Luke 15 vv 11-15, Romans 8 v 39

Every man dies, not every man really lives. ‘Get busy living or get busy dying,’ someone once said. And someone else once said, ‘I have come…’ What? To judge, to criticise, to put you down? No… ‘to bring life, to rescue, to open a door, not to shut one.’ John 10 v 10, Deuteronomy 13 v 15

Expect the impossible. She laughs, can’t help it. It’s so preposterous. Then she hears the voice, a voice like no other. ‘Why did you laugh, Sarah? Nothing’s impossible with God.’ ‘Me? I didn’t laugh,’ she says. But she did. And one day her miracle will be called Isaac -laughter. Genesis 18 vv 10-15

Sooner or later, a man who wears two faces forgets which one is real. Every day we go to the cupboard, open the doors and select one for the appropriate occasion. Can’t help it. Put on the one that best fits, the mask that will not reveal too much. Psalm 139 vv 1-6, John 8 v 32

From zero to hero. He stands and stares, caked in chaff from threshing grain in secret. His jaw sags, did he hear right? He glances over his shoulder, in case there’s a superman lurking behind him. Nope. The angel smiles. ‘Listen Mighty Man, God’s got a job for you.’ Judges 6 vv 11-14

You won’t know the facts until you’ve seen the fiction. He sits and tells them another story. A tale saturated in truth. A farmer sows seeds, some land and die, some take root and grow. He’s doing this as he speaks, throwing divine seeds to see which bear fruit. Matthew 13 v 34

There is a reason why you are so messed up. He takes the fruit and holds it up, so perfect, so glossy. His whole being is charged, buzzing with anticipation. He bites, juice spills over his chin, the drops scarring his chest. Nearby, a sheep wanders, loses its way. Isaiah 53 v 6, Genesis 3 v 1-7

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. As we struggle in the shadow of fear’s dark prison, we catch a glimpse of the silhouette of a crucified man, as he moves through the locked doors, quietly draws close and sits beside us there in the gloom. John 8 v 31, Luke 1 v 79

He’s having the worst day of his life… over, and over… He used to be the light in this town, helping the poor, looking out for the marginalised, breaking the jaws of evil oppressors. He was the go-to guy. But now he needs help. Today he needs lifting up. Job 29

A story about the memories that haunt us and the truth that sets us free. She crouches and stares at the dirt. Sees the dust of her life there in front of her. Sees the end, sees hopelessness. Then she hears a voice. ‘I don’t condemn you… look up…’ John 8 v 1-11

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. A mouth yawns wide, he can feel the tug at his flailing body, the scrape as his chest rubs against teeth. He struggles but the jaws close, life disappears. He’s trapped. And calling for his maker. Jonah 1 vv 15-17

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire. You see me, you see the universe. You see everything in those moments when breathing is the hardest challenge in the world. It’s for one life, for a billion lives, for history, for creation, for everything that ever was and ever is. John 3 v 16, Psalm 8 v 3-4, John 10 v 9-11, Isaiah 53

In space, no one can hear you scream. Except One. Where can we go to escape your presence? Even in the far reaches of space, in the depths of the ocean, in the darkness and heat of the day, you are there. No God-forsaken place. Anywhere. You’re with us. Psalm 139 vv 7-10

A hero will rise. They’ve been waiting a while, counting the days, the months, the years, the centuries. An ancient seer foresaw and predicted a promise. A hero will arrive, a rescuer will come. One like no other. A king like no other. The universe will see and kneel. Matthew 16 vv 15-16, Daniel 7 vv 13-14

Somebody said get a life…so they did. An old fisherman tells his tale. About the day everything changed. Four salt-spattered, sweat-sheened, net-mending guys, their hands cracked and fish-scaled – went on to change the world. Life dawned one weary day, and centuries later still shines on. Mark 1 vv 16-19, Luke 5 vv 1-11, John 1 vv 1-5

Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get. Troubles and surprises and moments of laughter, difficulties and despair and discoveries. The battered chocolate box of this broken world may hold all kinds of things, but He knows, and has experienced life’s strange and mixture. John 16 v 33

They Had Absolutely Nothing. But They Were Willing To Risk It All. To slightly misquote something someone once said, ‘People are no fools when they give up what they cannot keep in order to gain what they cannot lose.’ Letting go in order to take hold, losing to find. Matthew 16 vv 24-26

The story that won’t go away. Many have tried to bury it, tried to distort and suppress it. The mighty Roman Empire reared like an efficient, rabid monster to kill it. But the Romans have gone, and the story lives on. Leaps off the page bringing fresh beginnings. John 3 v 16

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