Saturday Extra: The Cost

Zebedee and his son James have a bit of a chat.

James. Dad you know he we really love working with you?
Zeb. (cautiously ) Is this about money, are you after borrowing some?
James. Not at all, mind you I have overspent this month…
Zeb. No!
James. Fine – no problem.
Zeb. So what’s it about then?
James. Well you know me and John love working with you?
Zeb. You already said that.
James. Well… we’ve got another job.
Zeb. Another job?? Another job!! You’ve not hooked up with that Simon and Andrew have you? They’re not up to scratch you know? Not a patch on us.
James. No. Not at all. No way.
Zeb. What is it then? The only thing you two are good at is fishing.
James. Well, it’s a kind of fishing. You know that new rabbi? Jesus.
Zeb. Joseph’s boy? He’s no rabbi he’s a builder. I remember when he was playing in the streets getting up to all sorts.
James. Well he’s changed. He’s getting a band together, some local guys. And he wants us.
Zeb. What for? Not fighting Romans? You know what happened to Josiah’s boys. Rode off in a blaze of glory – dead in a fortnight. A few swords and a bit of chanting won’t overthrow Caesar you know.
James. He’s not about that dad. He’s a man of peace. He preaches compassion, and hope.
Zeb. Hope? I’ve heard that one before. That’s sure to get you killed. Pilate gets a whiff of that and he’ll bring out his crosses and his thugs. (Pause) Are you serious? Cause you know what this means don’t you?
James. Tell me.
Zeb. It means this is about money. I’ve got to hire me a couple of extra workers to replace you two if I let you go. You know that don’t you? And that won’t be cheap. It’ll cost me, you two going off with that Jesus. And not just an arm and a leg – four arms and four legs! Yours and your brothers! I’ll be financing your discipleship with this Jesus.
James. I guess so. But it’s a heck of an opportunity. He came looking for us – can you believe that? Other Rabbi’s sit and wait for people to come to them. He came looking for us!
Zeb. Then maybe he’s not as smart as you make out…
James. Do you want to think about it?
Zeb. No! I do not. I don’t want to think about it all! (Pause) But… go on. If you want to… I won’t hold you back. But stay out of trouble. Don’t pick any fights. And don’t shoot your mouth off to often. I know you. You got a mouth like cracking thunder.
James. Cheers dad. You won’t regret it. This’ll be the making of us. Oh, and I don’t suppose you could lend us a few shekels… just for the road?

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