50 One Liners

A collection of One Liner thoughts, each relating to a Bible passage…

1. Here’s to the peacemakers, the kind and caring, the fighters for justice, the battlers for true harmony. Matthew 5 v 9, 1 Peter 3 v 11

2. Here’s to the unsung heroes, the quiet ones who carry on doing what they do, changing things little by little. 2 Thessalonians 3 v 13, Job 29 vv 11-13

3. Here’s to the misfits, those who don’t fit in, yet find their place in the Maker of every kind of world. 1 Peter 2 v 11, Romans 8 vv 35-39

4. One Liners, 4:Here’s to those who long for a better world, who pray, and labour, in order to be a part of the change they long to see. Micah 6 v 8, Matthew 5 v 6

5. Here’s to the laughter makers, those who bring a smile amidst the struggle and the terror, whose who lighten our hearts. Proverbs 13 v 9, Jeremiah 33 vv 10-11

6. Here’s to those who live with the contradictions, faith and doubt, trust and worry, hope and trouble. John 16 v 33, 2 Corinthians 4 vv 7-9

7. Here’s to the encouragers, those who lift us up when we’re falling down, those with a smile and a shoulder to lean on, with the eye to see the best in a given moment. Isaiah 35 v 3-4, Psalm 138 v 3

8. Here’s to the compassionists, the caring ones, no matter how small their love, and to the Great Compassionist, whose love is the home of life. Jeremiah 31 v 3

9. Here’s to those who don’t find things easy, for whom life seems full of mountains, yet still they climb. Here’s to their courage, patience, hope and faith. Psalm 77

10. Here’s to the bridge builders, those who shun the walls of life, cut rocky pathways and build makeshift bridges for the rest of us. Ephesians 5 v 16, Luke 3 vv 4-6

11. Here’s to the questioners, those who won’t take things at face value, but look deeper, much deeper. Proverbs 23 v 23 & 12 v 19, John 14 v 6

12. Here’s to the kind ones, those who’ll risk looking foolish, risk being accused of naivety, the fools who shun the crowd. Ephesians 4 v 32

13. Here’s to the truth-tellers, those who laugh at the lies, and peel back the layers of spin. Luke 10 v 21, John 8 v 32

14. Here’s to the songsters, those who give us anthems and ballads, melodies and lyrics. Songs to lift us, calm us, and urge us to action. Psalm 40 v 3, Ezekiel 19 v 1, Psalm 28 v 7

15. Here’s to the frustrated, for their patience and endurance, unrelenting determination and guts, though life seems full of wrong turns. Hebrews 12 v 12

16. Here’s to the rocks, and the eternal Rock, those we can rely on, those we trust, those we value so much. Psalm 18 v 1-3, Proverbs 17 v 17

17. Here’s to those who bring the sweet subtle Creator’s song into the white noise of worry, turbulence and cynicism. Isaiah 52 v 7

18. Here’s to the rebels, those who don’t settle for life’s systems, but see another way, and cut a path through it. Romans 12 vv 1-2

19. Here’s to the good-hearted, not perfect do-gooders, but forgiven, refreshed and fresh-started by the one who lifts up the broken. Isaiah 35 v 4-5, Luke 4 vv 18-19, Luke 5 v 17

20. Here’s to those who show us again that wisdom, rescue, hope and truth lie in the hands of a carpenter. Isaiah 42 vv 1-4

21. Here’s to the can-do-ers, not yes-people, but those who see the possibilities, those who help us make things happen. Acts 4 vv 36-37 & Acts 9 vv 26-28

22. Here’s to the ‘real’ people, those not afraid to be honest about their humanity, those who help us walk the same path. Romans 7 vv 15-25, Psalm 51

23. Here’s to those who keep us going when we want to give up, those who give us that extra push. Ruth 1 vv 11-18

24. Here’s to the listeners, quietly getting alongside, the unsung heroes, caring quietly. 1 Corinthians 12 vv 18-27, 1 Thess 2 vv 4-8

25. Here’s to the challengers, those who won’t let us get away with second best, those who nudge us towards more. 2 Corinthians 5 vv 5-9

26. Here’s to the faithful ones, who risked it all for encounters of resurrection, who passed on God’s whispers, in spite of the pressure and threats. Mark 16 vv 19-20

27. Here’s to those not afraid to say the difficult things – to keep us from blundering into danger or slipping into peril. Eccles. 12 v 11, Psalm 32 v 8

28. Here’s to those who often feel left out, Jesus came looking to include them. John 4 vv 1-9, Luke 8 40-47, Luke 19 v 9

29. Here’s to those who help us when life doesn’t go as planned. Those who lift us when we stumble. John 16 v 33, Psalm 31 vv 1-5

30. Here’s to the One who changed everything about everything with his generous sacrifice. Philippians 2 vv 5-11, Ephesians 1 vv 6-10

31. Here’s to those who keep us running life’s race, who cheer us on when we want to give up. Hebrews 12 vv 1-3, 2 Timothy 4 vv 7-8

32. Here’s to those who don’t feel very spiritual, God is near them, with them, on their side. Matthew 5 v 3, Mark 2 v 17

33. Here’s to the stories we love, that lift us up, inspire us, take us to another place. Proverbs 1 vv 5-6, Matthew 13 vv 34-35

34. Here’s to the best kind of food, and the meals which unite us and offer hope and sustenance. John 6 vv 1-14, Proverbs 9 vv 1-5, Exodus 24 vv 9-11

35. Here’s to those who run through life, and those who walk, dance, dawdle or leap. We need each other. Romans 12 vv 15-16, 1 Corinthians 12 vv 14-17

36. Here’s to those who make up the gaps in our lives, when we’re not able to be all that we hoped. Romans 7 vv 15-25

37. Here’s to knowing we are loved, catching again a glimpse of the One who made us, knows and gave everything for us. Psalm 139, Ephesians 1 vv 6-8 & Ephesians 3 vv 17-19

38. Here’s to the artists, those who offer truth wrapped in colour, laughter, tears, grace and light. Ezekiel 4, Luke 6 vv 41-43, Revelation 4

39. Here’s to the down-to-earth, those who get their hands dirty, and make things happen. Genesis 1, Psalm 89 vv 10-13, Job 40 vv 15-24

40. Here’s to those who help us keep believing, who nurture hope, who see beyond our doubts. 1 John 3 v 1, 2 Corinthians 4 vv 7-9, Acts 9 vv 26-28

41. Here’s to the words of life, cutting through cynicism and put-downs; and to the Word of Life, resurrecting the fallen. Matthew 11 vv 2-5, Ephesians 4 vv 29-32

42. Here’s to the wise ones, those who see through the clutter and spin, the smoke and the mirrors. 1 Kings 3, Exodus 18 vv 13-26

43. Here’s to the one who turned water to wine, and wine to blood. The 2nd miracle far-reaching, sacrificial and mysterious. John 2, Luke 22 v 20

44. Here’s to those who help us stop for a moment, pause, become aware, open our eyes and ears, sense the Presence. Psalm 46 v 10, 1 Kings 19 vv 13-15, Luke 5 v 16

45. Here’s to the good things, the Giver’s gifts: a smile, friendship, quiet, nature, a kind word, a cuppa and…? Acts 17 v 28, 1 Chronicles 29 vv 10-11

46. Here’s to those who bring laughter & joy, who lighten our lives and show us the funny side. Job 8 v 21, Luke 19 vv 5-6

47. Here’s to the One who is not afraid of the dark, who is with us in the worst and best of places. Psalm 139, John 14 vv 18-20, Acts 2 v 25

48. Here’s to those who understand when we’re right, wrong, happy, sad, strong, weak, focused and muddled. Psalm 139 v 1

49. Here’s to the One who cares about individuals, sees us in a crowd, knows us, doesn’t box us, appreciates our uniqueness. Luke 8 vv 40-48

50. Here’s to the Living One who died, the rejected, despised, ignored One, who is forever compassionate. Revelation 1 vv 17-18

51. Here’s to the table-turners, the changers, upending cruel ways in the courts of the selfish and unkind. John 2 vv 13-17

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