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50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Bad Day
He had raged, eyes blazing, at the very idea
That he might run, that he might fear.
Now his eyes are wide with disbelief,
As he lies and curses through gritted teeth.
He doesn’t know this man from Nazareth.
He’s not with the one they’re putting to death.
John 18 v 15-27

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
More Questions Than Answers
Pilate is panicking, on the back foot.
Chews his nails, feels pain in his gut.
This rebel is clearly a serious bother,
Talks of a kingdom like no other.
Deep in his eyes is that truth and light?
Why does this criminal not put up a fight?
John 18 v 40

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
The Power
Silence hangs like a mighty mist,
This strange young rebel won’t answer his
Questions, the governor paces, his mood sour,
‘Don’t you know that I have the power?’
He asks, but the young man looks him in the eye,
‘True power’s a gift,’ the rebel says, ‘from on high.’
John 19 v 4-12, John 3 v 3

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Under Pressure
The folks in this mob holler and bay,
Will not give up until they have their way.
Pilate gives in to fear in the end,
In the blast of that brutal pressure he bends.
Brings this sacrificial man outside
And offers him up to be crucified.
John 19 v 1-16

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Don’t Stop Believing
Most of the men disappear,
But a group of women are standing near.
At the sound of dice striking each other,
He asks his friend to care for his mother.
These women don’t know but this tale’s not done,
And the role they’ll play has barely begun.
John 19 v 16-27

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Heal The World
Darkening skies arrive as if the end is at hand.
Glowering clouds hang over this god-forsaken land.
‘It is finished,’ he cries and the howl rings out,
A call to let us know that what he is about
Will mean that no piece of land or sea on earth
Can ever now be God-forsaken turf.
John 19 v 28-30

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Starting Over
Two secret believers step into the fray,
Do what no one else can do that day.
They have a tomb for the body to rest,
They steel themselves and make their request.
Did Nicodemus wonder on that day of pain,
About that call to be born again?
John 19 v 38-42; John 3 v 16

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Morning Has Broken
After a Saturday of emptiness,
And a long dark night of sleeplessness,
Mary wakes, washes her face,
Readies herself to visit a place
And a sight she thought she’d never see,
A tomb and the shape of his dead body.
John 20 v 1

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Footsteps pound and the dust flies,
Peter cracks the door, rubs sleep from his eyes.
‘What are you doing here at this time of day?’
She pulls him outside, starts to say
That the tomb’s not right, looks all wrong,
He’d better come quick cause the body’s gone.
John 20 v 2

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
What’s Going On?
Pete and John run, heads in a spin,
John’s there first but he won’t go in.
He feels a fist as Peter shoves him aside,
Shoulders on past and slips inside.
They leave eyes wide, wondering what to do,
Nearby a gardener awaits his cue.
John 20 v 3-10

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
The sound of a footstep makes her look.
‘D’you know what happened? D’you know who took
His body away…’ she says then stops…
The gardener smiles and the penny drops.
He speaks her name and it all becomes clear…
It’s him! It’s him! It’s HIM! Right here!
John 20 v 11-18

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
See You
Tom’s out somewhere nursing his fears,
So he misses the moment when Jesus appears.
Won’t take their word, needs more than this,
Eight days later he gets his wish.
‘Here I am,’ he says, ‘battle-scarred – it’s me.
Blessed are those who believe but don’t see.’
John 20 v 24-31

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Stranger on the Shore
Seven men carry the weight of regret
But what they don’t realise yet,
As they push the boat out, to run away,
A stranger on the shore is on his way.
A fistful of fresh starts for this wounded crew,
Forgiveness, hope and a new job too.
John 21 v 1-14

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
They catch so many fish – he’s freed them all
To give up work for another call.
Takes them for a walk and while they’re strolling,
Sets Peter free from the chains of self-loathing.
A new start for all of them, not easy but good,
They’ll do much more than they thought they could.
John 21 v 15-19

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
The Neverending Story
Peter looks back as the group walks on,
Wants to know about his close friend John.
‘You worry about you,’ Jesus says quietly,
‘If John lives forever it’s up to me.’
That’s about it for the blog from John,
It’s only a glimpse and the story goes on…
John 21 v 20-25

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
You Are Not Alone
This is not the best news they’ve heard today,
As he tells them about his going away.
They want him here to score their goals
But he’s talking of giving them the roles.
Leaving love and truth to help them live,
And the kind of peace the world can never give.
John 14 vv 15-21

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
The Power of Love
As phones need charging to stay alive,
And bodies need food and drink to thrive.
So branches need to stay within the vine,
And they also need pruning from time to time.
Bearing fruits of hope and encouragement,
Drawing on the One who created nourishment.
John 15 vv 1-5

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Don’t Give Up
Never going to be the popular choice,
To defy the peer pressure for his voice.
If they slammed the door, trampled on his name,
Don’t be surprised if life treats you the same.
But the very means they used to kill him back then
Became the way for young and old to start again.
John 15 vv 18-27

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Redemption Song
He warns them that he’ll slip from their sight
And they will sense despair in the darkest night.
It will seem as if the plan is broken,
As if destruction were the last word spoken.
They will wonder what is going on… but
He’ll be composing a resurrection song.
John 16 vv 16-22

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
His prayer comes down the ages to us
As we fret and fight and make a fuss.
As we focus on division and strife,
We forget he once surrendered his life
That we might find some common ground,
That the love he gives might be shared around.
John 17 v 21

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Living on a Prayer
Like a view of a place unseen yet real,
A living painting, a portrait, a perfect reveal.
In him the Designer of night and day,
The one with living words to say.
He offers his prayers to help us on,
That we might find life in the eternal Son.
John 17 v 20-21

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
A figure steps from the shadows dark,
Leans in, kisses, leaves his mark.
Sets in motion a plan, with his tender caress,
Which looks so wrong, all loss and distress,
The one who broke so many chains,
Is taken and bound and plunged into pain.
John 18 v 1-14

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Talking About a Revolution
The city is jammed for the holiday –
The pilgrims camping spot him on the way.
A donkey-rider bringing hope without fear,
The crowds up and run hoping revolution’s here.
They wave, they shout, want to make him king,
He brings hope to their hearts, a new song to sing.
John 12 v 12-19

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
The Words of the Prophet
An ancient prophet saw this king,
Envisioned a time when the people would sing.
So different from others and their furious sound,
A grain of wheat come to die in the ground.
To feed the world and live once again,
Humble and courageous, he won’t give in.
Zechariah 9 v 9, John 12 v 23-28

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
At home in his skin, at peace with the earth,
Knows who he is and what he is worth.
Not trying to score points or big himself up,
Doesn’t have time for that kind of stuff.
Doesn’t need to prove himself to the rest.
He’s simply doing what he does best.
John 13 vv 3-5

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
A lesson dripping with significant good,
As he kneels in the grime and washes off the crud.
More than words, this message is stark,
They frown as they watch, their minds in the dark.
He hands them the water, steadies the brim,
And they wonder what it means to follow him.
John 13 vv 12-19

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Tom speaks up, can’t keep shtum,
‘We don’t understand what’s going on.’
The others may nod and pretend they know
But he’s more honest and has to say so.
Tom’s blunt reply prompts Jesus to say,
‘I am the truth, the life and the way.’
John 14 vv 1-7

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
When the Fingers Point
Where was the man involved? You might say, when they dragged the woman before him that day.
The ogres with rocks leer and bring their blame,
Though behind the masks they’re all the same.
He draws in the dirt, waits for peace to fall,
And with a single phrase unmasks them all.
John 8 vv 1-11

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Shine Your Light
There before even darkness was made,
He conceived of light, of shadow and shade.
And now he stands here, in flesh and bone,
Offering to light up their journeys home.
In him, he says, bright hope is born,
And for those in the gloom, the promise of dawn.
John 8 v 12, 1 John 1 v 1, John 1 v 5

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Bright Eyes
He scrapes at those eyes, pulling at mud,
The dark clay feels like it’ll be there for good.
But little by little it comes away,
And little by little he glimpses the day.
Tears mark his cheeks as he sobs and sighs,
And smiles at the one who has given him eyes.
John 9 vv 1-7

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
He’s a Walking Miracle
The religious toffs demand to know,
Was this really a miracle, or just a poor show?
The man, still mud-streaked, declares plainly,
‘All I know is I was blind, and now I can see!’
The man’s so happy, he chats on with a smile,
While they stew in their juices, and sour, bitter bile.
John 9 vv 13-34

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
A Good Heart
Some leaders come with a plan to steal,
When they should be helping the nation heal.
The weak and the helpless pushed aside,
As the powerful enjoy their rollercoaster ride.
One leader challenges this twisted streak,
A good shepherd who is on the side of the weak.
John 10 vv 1-10

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
I Surrender
It’s a costly, radical and lonely call,
To be the one who surrenders all.
Laying down life so that others might be free,
From all that the world demands that we be.
A different drum, a life so broken,
Leading to a cross and a tomb split open.
John 10 vv 14-18

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Three lives shipwrecked on a deathly shore.
Two sisters scuppered and a brother no more.
One hides away while the other cries on,
‘What were you doing, why didn’t you come?’
He stops, he weeps, gasping sobs in the gloom.
Feels their pain, then approaches the tomb.
John 11 vv 17-35

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Walking on Sunshine
A figure in rags, stained with death.
Yet from the sound of it, this is no last breath.
He’s staggering, spluttering, struggling to be,
The man from Nazareth pulls him free.
Shakes off the bonds of dusty decay,
With tears and smiles calls him back to the day.
John 11 vv 38-44

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
One for All
‘This won’t do,’ the experts cry, and
They put out a contract on the man who didn’t die.
And on the tomb raider too because they intend
To destroy what they don’t comprehend.
Fearing the wrath of the Roman fist –
‘Better one man die for all,’ they insist.
John 11 vv 45-54 & John 12 v 10

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Whole Again
The thing that impresses the village crowd,
Is the change in a woman once embarrassed and cowed.
Now she happily announces to everyone,
‘Come see a man who knows what I’ve done.’
He’s taken the past poison, is healing the pain,
She knows she’ll not be the same again.
John 4 vv 39-42

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Fix You
So many bodies jammed there together,
Hopeful, waiting to see whether
An angel will bring them a watery cure,
Whoever takes the plunge will ail no more.
One man’s been waiting for such a long while,
‘Would you like to get well?’ he asks with a smile.
John 5 vv 1-9

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Don’t Bring Me Down
They put him on trial, it’s just not done,
To fix a man like that under the Sabbath sun.
Threatened, they’d like him out of town,
In their blame culture they want him put down.
But he knows their game and swiftly replies,
‘I see this world through my father’s eyes.’
John 5 vv 16-23

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Let’s Get This Party Started
The crowd are in a for a bit of a shock,
As they sit there listening to the tales he’s got.
He’ll Flashmob them with bread and fish,
They’re not allowed to feast together like this.
But today he’s destroying all boundaries so
They glimpse the king and his manifesto.
John 6 vv 1-14

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Don’t Leave Me This Way
Nothing but dust as the steps fade away,
They all came back for more bread today.
But the bread he offers is really himself,
And they’d rather leave that choice on the shelf.
He looks around at the final few, says sadly,
‘Are you lot going to walk away too?’
John 6 vv 66-71

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
‘Come to the festival, you know you want to go!’
His brothers pester him, ‘Put on a show!’
It’s a trick and he well knows it is,
He won’t play to the crowd like this.
But quietly he makes his way through that door,
Offers living water to the thirsty and poor.
John 7 vv 1-10 & 37-38

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Simply the Best
The police pitch up to cart him away,
But stand opened-mouthed at all he has to say.
When they return with empty fists,
The chiefs demand, ‘Where is he? What’s this?’
The men’s excuse for making no arrest, was
‘This guy’s incredible, he’s simply the best.’
John 7 vv 45-46

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Known but unknown –
The Designer, the one,
The new day dawning when there was none.
The darkness shattered by splinters of light,
The word of the father, the son burning bright.
John 1 vv 1-4

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
One of Us
Flesh and bone,
The unseen one
Takes shape and form, from child to man,
Lives like us and understands
Dust and sweat, he knows these things.
Glory touches down, and so it begins.
John 1 v 14

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Red Red Wine
Water, water… everywhere
But not a drop of wine to spare.
A mother’s waited long enough,
‘Come on my son, do your stuff.’
And knowing that the time has come,
There’s vintage wine for everyone.
John 2 vv 1-11

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
Talkin’ About a Revolution
Enough! his actions seem to say,
The dawning of a brand new day.
Religion’s holding people back
The son of man will change all that.
The tables turn, the way is clear,
There’s hope in town, God is here.
John 2 vv 13-25

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
New Song
The expert stared, his mouth dropped wide,
The man from Nazareth by his side.
‘Begin again?’ the expert cried.
‘but I’m so good, so qualified.’
The man from Nazareth nodded his head,
‘There’s a whole new song to learn,’ he said.
John 3 vv 1-21

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
My Perfect Cousin
John surveys the hungry crowd,
‘I’m not the groom,’ he calls aloud.
‘Just the best man at this feast.
My cousin’s greater, I’m the least.
My job is fading, he’s the one
Who’ll usher in the kingdom come.’
John 3 vv 23-36

50 Extracts from John’s Blog
New Life
Hot and lonely, the weight of rejection
Makes fetching water a sad collection.
But dignity, respect and a listening ear
Bring a brand new start as she talks to him here.
A place of pain starts to transform
Into a well of hope and a life reborn.
John 4 vv 5-30

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