25 Seasonal Haikus

25 Seasonal Haikus:1
Christmas takes a lot
Of planning, in this case not
Weeks but centuries.
Genesis 12:1-2

25 Seasonal Haikus:2
Messages of hope,
Sent world-wide around this time –
Look! A child is born!
Isaiah 9:6-7

25 Seasonal Haikus:3
People wait and hope,
Will they get what they long for?
A strong, kind leader.
Daniel 7:13-14

25 Seasonal Haikus:4
As we do our prep,
Bear in mind Mary’s Christmas
Started 8 months back.
Luke 1:39-56

25 Seasonal Haikus:5
An unexpected
Figure shines on the doorstep,
Mary nods, says yes.
Luke 1:26:38

25 Seasonal Haikus:6
Panic is no stranger
At this pressured time of stress.
Joe plans to get out.
Matthew 1:18-26

25 Seasonal Haikus:7
Angels from the realms
Break into Joseph’s dreams.
Has to think again.
Luke 1:39-56

25 Seasonal Haikus:8
Advent calendars
Hurry on the festive days.
And Joe starts to plan.
Luke 2:1-5

25 Seasonal Haikus:9
They’d imagined a
Big do – family and friends,
Events change all that.
Micah 5:2-5

25 Seasonal Haikus:10
A long-distance trip,
They do their best to still smile.
Brutal when pregnant.
Luke 2:4-5

25 Seasonal Haikus:11
Oh Little Town of
Crowded homes, a bed of straw
For a godly child.
Luke 2:6-7

25 Seasonal Haikus:12
Sleepless Christmas Eve,
Waiting, breathless, counting down,
In dawn’s light – the gift.
John 1:14

25 Seasonal Haikus:13
While shepherds watched their
Flocks by night all seated on…
Boom! The sky lights up! Panic!
Luke 2:8-9

25 Seasonal Haikus:14
‘Don’t fear,’ the angel
Tells them, ‘Go find a new king.
Reachable and near.’
Luke 2:10-14

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