Friday Extra: This Son of All Time

‘Son of all time, now where have you been?’
‘Touring life’s corridors – and here’s what I’ve seen…’

A sky full of nothing, chaos and birth,
A handful of dust and a fertile earth,
One people, one mind, one will, one heart,
A fruit tree bare, and life torn apart.
An age full of prophets, the cry going out,
A planet’s pained cry, its splintered shout.

Child of the night, this son of all time,
Reduced to a moment, a life on the line.
Growing, expanding, a song and a sigh,
Walking and talking beneath the Most High.
The days full of wonder and strange events,
Fearless wisdom, kindness and sense.

A darkened canvas, a corpse painted high,
A man in his prime left there to die.
Tears and blood wetting the earth,
Paving the way for a startling new birth.
A corpse walking free leaving death behind,
Going back to the people to see what he’d find.
Two billion feeble, frail stars now shine
Ignited by the life of the son of all time.

‘And where are you now, son of all time?’
‘With every lost, ragged hero,
With each friend of mine.’

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