Sunday Story: Stars and Treasure

A man and a woman felt there must be more to life than the things they could see and hear and so, fascinated by the stars and what might lie beyond, they decided to build a tower to the heavens to see if they could discover more up there. They bought a scraggy field and set to work. The building was long and hard and took a good long while but they refused to give up. Eventually the tower began to take shape and rose higher and higher, but never seemed to reach the stars. Yet the urge to reach for something more kept nagging at them, so they went on building. And they went on building, and they went on building… and the urging inside them went on. Right up until the day the storm arrived, the winds came, and disaster struck. The tower was now so high that it could not withstand the forces of the onslaught. It began to shudder and shake and very quickly cracks appeared. There was a soul-searing, splintering sound and suddenly the whole structure fractured, split apart and came crashing down, bringing the woman and the man with it. They found themselves bruised and battered and dazed amongst a huge pile of shards and broken debris. The tower was completely destroyed, leaving an epic cluttered crater in the ground. The two were heartbroken, their dreams in tatters. Then the woman noticed something, a small twinkle of light in amongst the mess. The man stood up and was checking for broken bones, but the woman pulled him down again. He was protesting when she pointed into the dirt and he spotted it too. Something metal. They began to dig. After a while a small chest appeared, not much bigger than the man’s hand. They pulled it loose, dusted it off and fumbled with the catch. It sprang open and the lid flew back. There, buried amidst the mess of their attempts, was a beautiful gem, the like of which they’d never seen before. It appeared to change shape and colour as they turned it in their grubby, caked hands. This was not what they expected at all. But they decided to take it home, do some research and see where it might take them…

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