50 Great Biblical Themes

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…’
More than wishful thinking and clutching at straws. Our eyes set on something more than mere matter. Something reliable. A source of strength and direction, a handful of eternal help. Wedged between love and faith, it lasts forever, placed in the One who slipped into despair, wrestled that beast, and lived again to tell the tale.

50 Great Biblical Themes
A Helper
‘I’ll talk to my Father and he will give you a Friend…’
No longer alone. An encourager, a comforter, a strengthening presence. A guide, a counsellor, a force for good. A friend who nudges us, shapes us, moves us towards mercy, peace, reality and kindness. So that we may encourage and comfort and strengthen others, with the help we have received.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Work? Really? Again? Didn’t I just do that yesterday…’
So quickly life’s chores and pressures and achievements weigh heavy on us, the burden of so many thankless tasks. The clock-on-clock-off nature of what must be done. The sad fact that gifts and talents and abilities get buried in the scramble to survive. In the mystery of a long-lost garden labouring was once about achievement and creativity and satisfaction. May we still receive glimpses of this. Reminded that all we do is known and valued. And that one day there’ll be an endless future when work will be once more treasured, joyful and forever fruitful.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘The best things in life are free…’
Everything upended, the rich poor and the poor rich. The great small and the small great. Fullness discovered in the unexpected places, in the footsteps of an unexpected man. Can’t be bought, sold, borrowed or stolen. Instead, a gift. A lens which alters the view of everything; changes reality, history and eternity. God in the dust and the sweat, glory in the gutter, hope nailed to two bits of wood, and breaking free from the tomb-like clutches of death.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Blame is a game no one can win…’
All of us tarred with the same brush of imperfection. Falling over our feet. Our tongues running wild like forest fires. Our boot straps just not strong enough for pulling us out of the mire. On a hill of blame his voice echoes across the centuries. Takes the curse and lifts it from us. Again and again. A gift so precious we could never purchase it. So he does. ‘Father forgive them…’ The weight lifted, the burden broken. Free.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Buried in a field, till we discover it…’
Some of us take years, decades to unearth it, digging a little each day. Some of us find it overnight. Some discover it very early in life, others in the last few minutes. Some of us find it, then lose it again. Some put it to one side then pick it up later. Some never let go. Some don’t understand what they have found. Some draw maps for others. We each carry it in the frail containers of our own being. Fragile and damaged. This precious, vital, life-giving treasure.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘I believe, help me in my unbelief…’
The loss of certainty as life shifts and blurs, ambiguity beckons, the questions becoming more important than the answers. It’s a language we can all speak. A way of making sense of our world when laughter and loss, smiles and sorrow jostle for their place in the same moment. So we may voice these questions, belittling their power, and placing them on the same platform as faith.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘That’s the power of love…’
The patience, the kindness, the faithfulness of another. The forgiveness, the willingness to let us start again, try again, even though we may fail again. Someone always with us, through the good and bad, gritty and glorious times, in the froth and the foolishness, in the laughter, hope and tears.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Money can’t buy me love…’
The heart of it, the driving force, the can’t-live-with – can’t-live-without-it issue. The engine, or perhaps the oil of society. The servant rather than the master? The means for achieving so much for passing on so much, for building up and yet… for tearing down too. The currency for change?

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘I once was lost but now am found…’
Gentle, powerful help as heaven touches earth. All of us in a pit and needing a hand to climb out. On a daily basis. Weak strength released to us as the unconquerable son surrenders to those who believe they are the powerful ones. Life unleashed in the hammering of nails and the dawn shifting of a deadly stone.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘I’ll be there for you…’
A delicate thing, sometimes robust, sometimes damaged or misused. Currency spent wisely. As we reach for a rock to hold onto, for friendship, purpose, wellbeing, direction. An antidote to destabilising fear. The first faltering steps towards relationship. The key to the door of our heart when that divine knock sounds, when the compassionate, reliable One calls, trusting us to trust him.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘You’re my best friend…’
Giving up any claim to power and privilege, walking our streets, sitting in our dirt, feeling our fear, suffering our pain. Bringing the smile of God and the hand that reaches out to the lonely and the hurting. Living a gritty and lonely life of wonder, risk, misunderstanding, friendship and kindness.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘I get knocked down, but I get up again…’
Another mountain, another long day. Another same old dull mission, lack of purpose locks us in, crowds out any sense of direction. Why? When? How long? A trinity of questions loom like clouds blocking out any light. Yet another trinity urges us on. As it has urged so many others, on so many dull thankless days. Alongside us, with us in our trudgery.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us…’
To know our purpose, our place in life. To no longer grab at the advertised straw to build our feeble, flawed monuments. To be able to wash feet, knowing the world is ours, a gift, a chance to shine each in our own small ways. Appreciation ousting envy, gratefulness supplanting selfish ambition. A tough call, a moment by moment deciding.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘What we do in life echoes in eternity…’
The sting ripped out on that rock-sliding dawn. The hope of another sun rising as a slaughtered son stepped free, the shackles broken now. A new birth possible. The end no longer the end. But a new dawn on offer to us all. The offer of a fresh start and an eternal destiny. For us.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal…’ Steve Maraboli
We give and we get back. Smiles, friendship, strong and kind words, support, energy, a listening ear, a pat on the back, a shot in the arm, a hand on the shoulder. We know what it has meant when others have done the same for us. Rich not because we have much, but because we share so much. A man from Galilee laid a trail and we’re doing our best to walk in his footprints.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Giving thanks with a grateful heart…’
For life, breath, purpose, meaning, encouragement, the strength to put one foot in front of the other, the ability to smile, to lift another up, to taste and see, to develop, to grow, to learn from our mistakes, to keep going, and for those who don’t give up on us. Seeing life with an open heart, as a gift, a precious thing. Our very breath an opportunity. Thankfulness the currency of hope. As if we have been bitten by the kind of bug that brings life, instead of destruction.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘How long must we sing this song…’
Why is this the way it is? What is going on? When… what if… how long… the questions tumble from our lips and our living. A great part of our being and our believing. Room to wonder and to wrestle. Songs of honesty, searching and struggle. All a vital part of our faith. Refusing to settle for less, sensing that life is not the way it should be. So we bring our prayers and our praising, laced with longing.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘All the lonely people, where do they belong?’
When we don’t feel our face fits, when we feel like that square peg in that round hole, when discomfort is the wallpaper of our life… exile. When we feel lost and wandering. This world is not our home. We long for something more, something better, have a sense that life should be somehow richer, kinder, more colourful and satisfying.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘You are so much more than what you own, buy or wear…’
Like a diamond in the making that no one has ever encountered before, a precious stone, rough around the edges but being daily shaped. Not perfect, but precious. Every life. Not merely a smudge on eternity’s page, but a work of art. Crafted. Beheld. Waking, sleeping, moving, stalling, in the dark and the light and the shade.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Get ready, because God is preparing you for something very, very small…’
The reason for it all, the reason for this day, this hour, this minute. The drive to do the small things and the large, to care, to take an interest, to do the unique things we can do. To know that it all matters. That if no one else sees the good and helpful things, there is one who does. And that is reason enough.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘Counting another’s sins won’t make us saints…’
We all play those games, feel the pressure to put on the masks and the costumes in life’s public performance. Easy to do at times, cast ourselves in a role, judge and jury of situations, ‘experts’ missing the obvious truth of our own frailty and failing. Tricked into thinking we must adopt a look, a walk, a persona for the crowd. But a door has opened, a light continues to shine, a man called Truth has come to set us free. To dissolve our masks with his kind, strong and humble reality.

50 Great Biblical Themes
‘It is better to be kind than to be right…’
In a world littered with roadside casualties, every one of us a Good Samaritan. A currency free yet costly too. So many chances to be kindhearted, to tip the balance of blame and jostling for power. Offering mercy. As we have received it from a greater Giver. Heaven applauds every single small, strong and grace-filled act.

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