Film Friday: Ad Astra

Roy McBride is an astronaut, like his father before him. And one day, whilst working on a sky-scraping antenna, a global power surge suddenly throws catastrophe his way.

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When he has recovered from this accident Roy is invited to a debriefing. It turns out that his father, who Roy thought had died on a previous mission, may well be still alive. Lost out there in space, and the cause of this sudden surge in power. Like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, he may have gone a bit power crazy out there, and the folks on earth need Roy to go on a rescue mission, and see if he can find out what has happened to his old man. Life on earth is under serious threat because of the scale of this problem.

A son on a mission to find his lost father. Jesus told his famous story about a father looking for his son. The younger boy had gone looking for life, but as result was in the process of destroying himself. His older brother should have gone looking for him but he was having none of that! He didn’t care enough about his wayward brother to get his boots dirty wading through pig filth. But there is a third son in this story. A third son who, like in Roy in Ada Astra, comes looking. It’s the son who is telling the story. He is on a mission. Not so much a journey into deep space, but a mission to earth. And he will wade through all kinds of muck and danger to reach us and rescue us. On his way to find his father Roy travels to the moon, and out there is attacked by a bunch of space pirates. Seems that humans have a knack for corrupting life wherever they go. And life on earth is under serious threat. That’s why Jesus is on this mission. The son sent to rescue us from the messes we make, from the corruption that threatens to destroy us, from the knack we have to keep hurting ourselves and others.

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  1. Mark Roques says:

    Dave you are so right when you say that humans have a knack for corrupting life. This corruption is the fruit of idolatry when humans exchange the truth about God for a lie. Idolatry is the cause of all the misery and suffering in the world. Recently I saw a billboard that proclaimed that ‘Technology can save us’. How foolish. Thanks for your post Dave.

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